Blackberry KEYOne Fails Durability Test As Screen Easily Pops Off

Blackberry is in an embarrassing predicament. Every new device that comes out is subjected to rigorous tests by people who want to see how durable these gadgets are. The Blackberry KEYOne underwent such a durability test but it failed miserably after its screen popped off easily.

Popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything got hold of a Blackberry KEYOne and of course, the host just had to torture it. After bending the KEYOne using his hands, Zach discovered that the screen easily detached from the body. It turns out that the screen is not glued to the body at all.

As CNET reported, other Blackberry KEYOne owners also discovered the issue with its screen. In a Blackberry forum, many people commented that their Blackberry KEYOne handsets had loose screens. Most of the complainants also said that the screen popped off after minor drops.

CNET went on and did its own tests on the Blackberry KEYOne and it got the same results as the other durability test. CNET subjected the KEYOne to drops without the screen popping off but after four attempts at forcibly bending the phone, the screen did detach from the body.

As 9to5Google pointed out, the Blackberry KEYOne actually started pretty well in JerryRigEverything's durability test. The host started off by submitting the screen and camera lens to scratch tests and they passed. Everything started going downhill after the bending test, however. After discovering that the manufacturer did not bother using adhesive on the screen, the host subjected the rest of the KEYOne to other tests. The phone's fingerprint scanner and camera flash were also easily scratched.

This screen issue is a huge hit for Blackberry especially after the KEYOne started off strong. Many considered the QWERTY keyboard-equipped handset as one of the more exciting smartphones at the CES 2017. The Blackberry brand has taken such a beating in the past years that this new screen issue with the KEYOne, considered the savior of the brand, is definitely an unfortunate turn of events.

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