Firefox devices to be produced by Foxconn: Apple steps aside

Open-source software company Mozilla, and Foxconn, the world's largest OEM for computers and smarpthones, have officially formed a partnership. Combined, the two firms will produce over five devices which will feature Mozilla's new Firefox operating system.

The two firms announced the devices will range from smartphones and tablets to televisions and billboards. Such a partnership is lucrative to both companies, allowing them to diversify their offerings. In the case of Foxconn, it gives the hardware manufacturer a bigger role in services and software. For Mozilla, it gives the software company yet another manufacturer to add to its long list of Firefox OS partners.

Foxconn General Manager Young Liu said his company is focused on remaining a manufacturer, and isn't seeking to push the Foxconn brand through Firefox OS, The Next Web reports. That means it'll be up to major clients market the devices.

"Currently, Foxconn is executing on a vision of ‘eight screens, one network, and one cloud' with all our strength," Liu said in a press release. "Besides the native advantages of hardware manufacturing, Foxconn is also developing a brand new integrated approach to providing hardware, software, content, and services."

That's potentially good news for Foxconn, which recently lost out on production rights to Apple's unannounced low-cost iPhone 5 to rival manufacturer Pegatron Corp.

While Apple's relationship with Pegatron isn't new - the smaller manufacturer has produced iPhones in the past as well as iPad minis - the relationship between the two firms is deepening at the expense of Foxconn.

People familiar with the shift tell The Wall Street Journal that Apple's addition of Pegatron is a concentrated effort to lessen the odds of manufacturing risks - like scratches on hardware and product line interruptions - and to combat the growing footprint of Samsung. Additionally, Pegatron doesn't have the same public relations stain as Foxconn, a manufacturer which has come under fire for its labor practices.

Though Pegatron has had its labor incidents in the past - a factory explosion which resulted in injuries, for example - the firm is still expecting to grow in size, though whether or not Pegatron will be able to keep up with Apple's demand remains to be seen.

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