Five iPhone X Secret Features You May Not Know About

Apple has held back a few iPhone X features from being disclosed at the recent launch event. It is unknown if this move was influenced by some serious time constraint or deliberately avoided for some reason.

Here's a quick look at a few of those iPhone X features that Apple has hidden from the public:

OLED Burn-in Protection

OLED display panel is one of the main selling points of the Apple iPhone X, while it is known these panels cause burn-ins on the screen over prolonged use. Consequently, Apple has optimized the display software in iOS 11 to mitigate this problem by allowing the pixel switching mechanism whenever the user is looking away from the screen.

 Ability to Hide the Notch

The revolutionary Notch design on the Apple iPhone X may actually frustrate some users as it gets in the way of screen usability, unlike the last-gen iPhones which didn't have a notch. The screen space at the top of the iPhone X display is now divided into two sections on the front panel.

Quite surprisingly, there is a way to actually hide the notch while watching videos in fullscreen mode. You just have to hide it by choosing to go completely black as shown in the video below.

Scene Effect with 3D Environment

iPhone X's TrueDepth front camera has a hidden feature which allows you to add really cool filters on your body/face or completely replace your background with a 3D environment while taking selfies. Just move around in a circle while facing the front camera and the landscape in the background also changes to give you a dynamic effect.

Fast Charging

Apple has not clarified in its keynote presentation (during the launch) regarding the fast charging requirements for the iPhone X. Instead, the company has chosen to put small footnotes on its website suggesting that the quick-charging (0-50 percent battery charging in 30 minutes) has been tested on a USB-C charger rather than the 5W power adapter that's bundled with the handset.

To be precise, Apple has just added the support for fast charging feature on the iPhone X without actually providing the necessary accessories to utilize it out-of-the-box. So, get ready to pay an extra premium for something as silly as charging your device quickly.

Slow Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging is another highly hyped-up feature on the iPhone X and iPhone 8. On the downside, Apple's accessory partners have just announced an output of 7.5W on their "fast" wireless chargers, while Samsung is offering a 15W charger with double its output.

It is quite a shame to see Apple's flagship phone offering 2x slower charging rate than other flagship devices, despite being the most expensive iPhone ever built in history.

[Source: iTwe4kz via YouTube]

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