Samsung Pays 50% for Galaxy S20 Buybacks! Here's The Catch

Just recently, Samsung has decided to launch their very own buyback program specifically for their Galaxy S20 model which would be quite a steal for users who have a spare model which they are not using! Well, this buyback comes with quite a catch, the phone has to be in solid condition!

Samsung Pays 50% for Galaxy S20 Buybacks! Here's The Catch
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Samsung Pays 50% for Galaxy S20 Buybacks! Here's The Catch

Old phones usually stow away somewhere and if you are planning on availing this buyback, you better check the phone if it is still in good condition. There is a specific condition in which your phone is still eligible to avail the buyback.

How does this work?

If you have previously purchased any of the different Galaxy S20 phones from a Samsung store within the past 24 months, you will be able to avail this buyback should you choose! The condition is that the phones should still be kept in good shape without damage beyond the normal wear and tear.

Samsung has promised to credit 50 percent of the entire retail price to your personal payment account once your phone passes their buyback standards. This is not a bad deal at all especially if you are using a different phone as of the moment.

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What does this deal mean?

This deal actually means that you could get a buyback of $500 from the Galaxy S20 5G 128 GB all the way to $800 from the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 512GB! This is a great way to get expensive phones for the price of $500 for the popular entry-level Galaxy S20 which is much better than the OnePlus or even a Xiaomi flagship these days.

It is pretty obvious that the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) has deeply affected most tech companies since most of the manufacturing for their products happen in China. Samsung is among these tech companies that have been affected by the virus.

The global pandemic has taken a huge bite out of the Galaxy S20 sales which is quite a bad timing for Samsung as these phones were only recently released. To top it all off, the S20 Ultra has been receiving quite a few tepid reviews about the functionality of the phone itself.

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How Samsung is dealing with the lockdown

Although Samsung's sales have been deeply affected by the lockdown, the company is still trying its best to make up for this hindrance. One of the most notable moves by the company is by offering in-home trials all the way in South Korea. The company has also been rolling out a unique at-home repair service but only for their foldable devices.

Users can take advantage of the situation by buying an S20 in order to keep in touch with the times during this global crisis but the biggest warning that comes along with this phone is that users should be careful not to drop it! Samsung has been become a popular brand worldwide known for their reliable laptops, computers, but most of all, their mobile smartphones.

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