Esports Celebrity Joins FaZe Clan on Fortnite! Could Their New All-Star Teams Secure The Championship This 2020?

Fortnite will be getting another Exports celebrity to join the FaZe clan and fans are excited to see just how this possibly improve the FaZe clan! Bizzle, an esports celebrity recently department from Ghost Gaming and shortly after that, started taking another tier one org interest.

Esports Celebrity Joins FaZe Clan on Fortnite! Could Their New All-Star Teams Secure The Championship This 2020?
(Photo : Screenshot From FaZe Clan @FaZeClan Official Twitter Page)
Esports Celebrity Joins FaZe Clan on Fortnite! Could Their New All-Star Teams Secure The Championship This 2020?

It was previously reported that the failed negotiations between Aydan, Bizzle, and others from their previous org known as Ghost Gaming has influenced their decision to leave. Apparently, the story is actually a little deeper than what can be seen by the naked eye!

Bizzle's story

Just a few moments ago, Bizzle himself has announced his decision to join one of the hottest orgs today known as the "Faze Clan" without having to say too much to his fans. In fact, the esports celebrity did not have to say much at all except three different words.

"Joined Faze Clan" were the only three words that the esport celebrity needed to say in order for him to garner over 20,000 likes just within a half hour. Of course, the love started to pour down from the broader community within seconds!

Bizzle's new teammates which included Dubs and Mongraal have both expressed their excitement for this new action as they replied "LOOOOOL LET'S GO" from the words of Mongraal as Dubs' expression was not too far off.

The official announcement

The announcement has come at such a perfect timing just hours after Faze Clan has recently revealed that they were not yet finished with their own signing spree. Other esport celebrities that signed up include the Call of Duty YouTube creator and also Twitch Streamer known as Swagg!

The Faze Clan is reported to shift focus right after the weekend's end by means of doubling down on their own Fortnite division! For this to be accomplished, Faze would need to get the newest and hottest free agent on the wide block and just call it a regular Monday.

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Bizzle's accomplishments

Faze Clan has released a video which does an excellent job at highlighting Bizzle's really extensive list of accomplishments ever since the dawn of his highly competitive career!

These accomplishments include

2nd place at the Pax East last 2018

4th place at the TwitchCon last 2018

1st place at the Secret Skrimlish last 2019

4th place at the Katowice last 2019

23rd place at the World Cup (Solos) last 2019

2nd place at the Dreamhack Anaheim this 2020

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According to an article by Fortnitetracker, even though Bizzle is not really the "greatest of all time" when it comes to playing Fortnite in general, after watching Bizzle continually crush event after event and also keep up with the rapidly evolving beta, there is no doubt that he is a strong contender.

There is also obviously no doubt that Faze Clan will be even stronger than before with the likes of Megga, Dubs, Mongraal, and now even Bizzle joining the squad, the Faze Clan looks like an even scarier team going into the upcoming 2020 competitive circuits!

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