[VIDEO] JK Rowlings Shares Breathing Techniques That Helped Her Conquer COVID-19

JK Rowling has recently shared a video on how to use proper breathing techniques for those who have been infected by the coronavirus. The author of Harry Potter herself has claimed to have had the virus and it was through proper breathing techniques that she was able to get back into full recovery.

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Author J.K. Rowling attends the premiere of "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" in Manhattan, New York, U.S., November 10, 2016.

The video shown is that of Dr. Sarfaraz Munshi, who is known to have been working Queen's Hospital located in London. Since the disease is known to target the respiratory system itself, Munshi warns with caution that patients should not lie on their backs because this can actually restrict breathing.

According to Munshi, this practice is the only way for oxygen to travel deep into the lungs which is an essential thing to do in order to avoid the disintegration of the lungs itself. JK Rowling herself has said that this specific breathing technique has helped her recover from the suspected case of COVID-19.

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Rowling and the coronavirus

A previous Twitter post by Rowling confirms that she had previously been experiencing coronavirus symptoms for about two weeks. She even claims that she is now completely better and that credit is due to the video which she shared later on for others to learn.

According to the author, this technique is even recommended by doctors which is free and has no side effects. This could also be a great way to help both you and also your loved ones. Nobody, not even celebrities, are exempted from this coronavirus and aside from this the author of Harry Potter, Idris Elba, Pink, Tom Hanks, and even Prince Charles has been fighting the very virus!


Most critical cases of the coronavirus usually lead up to lung functions being compromised hence the need for mechanical ventilators around the globe! Because of this fact, Dr. Munshi has emphasized the importance of being able to follow proper breathing techniques.

According to Dr. Munshi, those who are at home and in self-isolation can most benefit from these proper breathing techniques. In fact, these breathing techniques is even recommended to people even if they are not yet infected.

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How are most doctors fighting the virus?

Doctors have been placing critical patients in this specific prone position in order to prevent lung collapse. The main purpose of this is to be able to help the alveoli and open it up even more. Tiny sacs found inside the lungs are able to take in the oxygen and if the COVID-19 patient is lying on their stomach, this may even help drain the fluids and stop the lungs from getting sticky in order to boost blood flow.

Dr. Munshi once again advises the patients to lay flat on their stomachs and try to breathe in deeply for about ten minutes right after doing two cycles of this technique. The doctor also stresses out that lying on one's back increases the risk of catching secondary pneumonia which can later on lead to further deteriorations.

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