Will Skype Be Number One After Zoom's Recent Privacy Issues?

An interesting effect of the coronavirus pandemic is how lockdowns, quarantines, and also shelter-in-place orders are now being upheld meaning that most people have to work from home and make use of whatever video chat apps and services are available in order to see friends, family, and also co-workers.

Will Skype Be Number One After Zoom's Recent Privacy Issues?
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Will Skype Be Number One After Zoom's Recent Privacy Issues?

Although there are a quite massive range of options to choose from, Zoom and Skype still make it to the top of the list as the two heaviest hitters. Here is how to compare the two different video chat and conferencing apps especially after Zoom's recent security as well as privacy issues.

More about Skype

Microsoft's very own Skype is a telecommunications app that works great for video chats, calls, and also instant messaging. This app is also very compatible with iOS and Android, iPadOS, Windows, web browser, Alexa, and even Xbox itself!

Skype also offers multiple subscription plans just in case you need to call someone's cellphone or maybe their landline but if you have no need for this additional feature, you may proceed to use Skype absolutely free of charge.

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Skype is currently capable of handling up to 50 people in a single video call which is a great advantage for business meetings. The app also allows people to record their calls just in case somebody is not present during their meetings.

Captions as well as subtitles are also quite available for accessibility which makes things even more convenient for users. Another great addition is Skype's file-sharing capabilities, voicemail, caller ID, and even a split view mode in order to keep conversations separate and screenshare on mobile.

How to use Skype

Right after you create your account, you will then be able to start chatting right away! In order to put together a call, all you have to do is simply open up your profile, click the New Chat icon, then choose the New Group Chat, New Chat, or even New Private Conversation!

Whichever option you pick, you will still need to type the group member's name into the search in order to find them and add them to the group. When you finally open a chat with another user, you can then keep it in instant messenger form with the ability to share files, start a video call, create a group, and even more!

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Users will even be able to schedule calls in the app which then alerts them through mobile or desktop by turning on the schedule call notifications. Skype has also recently added a new feature called the Meet Now which lets users create and also share a meeting with just the use of a link and no account required to use this service on the Microsoft Edge as well as the Google Chrome browser.

Skype could be an good alternative to Zoom especially after the recent heat which Zoom has experienced due to very poor privacy issues.

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