Everything To Know About Sony's Latest PS5; Cost, Controllers, Features, And More

Sony's all new PlayStation 5
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Coming into the kick-off of the first quarter of the year, Sony has shared several new information regarding the next-generation console set to release late this year; the Playstation 5. A whole load of data about the new machine has surfaced, such as; its cost, the technical specifications, as well as its controller, the new DualSense joystick.

The release is expected to hit around the holiday season to coincide with the increase in sales during the festivities. Exact prices and release dates are yet to be announced, but we expect to see more information throughout the year.

The official website of the PS5 is already live that hosts several public information in detail.

One of the newest additions to the PS5 over the PS4 is the DualSense controller that is capable of more haptic feedback and variable resistance triggers. It also received an updated visual look and comes in two-tone black and white design.

PS5 features to look out for

A feature that most fans will probably enjoy is PS4 backward compatibility enabling gamers to play their favorite titles from the previous console until newer games or remakes hit the innovative new PS5. The console will also sport SSD storage and PSVR. Sony has also stated that they are planning the next-gen console to be more economical and energy-efficient.

The soon-to-come PS5 will be housing a powerful AMD chipset with a third-generation CPU from Ryzen. It will also feature an octa-core of the seven-nanometer Zen 2 microchip and be capable of supporting 8k gameplay.

A custom set of Radeon's Navi line will run the graphics department and will support ray-racing that is fast becoming a trend amongst movies and video games.

Mark Cerny, lead architect of the PS4 and currently working on the new console, stated the feature is mostly used as a lighting technique but could also be used to enhance a game's audio. The PS5 is reportedly able to support 3d audio.

With an upgrade to an SSD, the loading times of games will be cut much shorter, and more on-screen apps will be able to co-exist without slowing the machine down. Environments within games will also load faster, leading to a faster and smoother transition between maps.

Following its tradition, the PS5 will continue to support both physical and digital games, so there's no need to fret about your currently owned game discs.

Those who have the modern televisions to support it, the PS5 is also able to support 4k visuals at 120Hz.

See the full specs here.

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The brand-new beautiful DualSense controller

The innovative new controllers feature haptic feedback and variable trigger sense for its L2/R2 buttons, which enable it to change its resistance to better simulate a bow being drawn, or a car accelerating through a track. This gives gamers a much more in-depth and immersive experience within the virtual universe.

Early designs of the joystick have been given to game creators, prompting the hopes that it will become even better.

Energy-efficient power output

The game company aims to make the PS5 a much more eco-friendly console than its predecessors. Developed to use drastically less power when in its non-gaming modes, suspend/sleep to help save electricity across all its users.

News of what games will be available on the PS5 has not yet been announced as it is still too early to know for sure, but popular and frequent titles such as FIFA and Call of Duty are expected to make their return on the powerhouse and show off what they can make.

One big title that is rumored to be playable on the next-gen console is the recently released Final Fantasy VII Remake, which was made with the new machine in mind.

The PlayStation 5's user interface will be having an overhaul to include more information to view and be less clustered with unnecessary visuals. Several different choices and options will be available at the user's fingertips through the UI.

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