[VIRAL VIDEO] Family of Deceased Coronavirus Patient Attacks Nurse Prohibiting Them From Getting Up Close

The uneasy family of a certain man who died from the coronavirus were caught on video beating up a member of hospital staff in Mexico City right after they were told that they could not see the patient. The man's name and details were not disclosed except that the incident took place on Wednesday after the man died on Monday.

[VIDEO] Family of Deceased Coronavirus Patient Attacks Nurse After Being Prohibited To See Him
(Photo : Screenshot From Daniel Zamorano Official Facebook Page)
[VIDEO] Family of Deceased Coronavirus Patient Attacks Nurse After Being Prohibited To See Him

The disturbing video

A certain worker at the San Pedro Xalpa Zone 48 General Hospital was able to record this disturbing moment as the family started beating up the medical staff which included Nurse Daniel Zamorano.

In the video, one of the family members is heard screaming "let me go through. Police, police," as staffers then attempt to stop the melee right before the hospital worker and her colleagues locked themselves inside a room.


Zamorano decided to take this incident to Facebook early Thursday showing off his bruised face. Zamora then wrote that neighbors, friends, and family are always tough and that he was attacked by four men along with two women because of their dead relative that passed away from the coronavirus.

Zamorano explains that the proper protocol was to keep the patient isolated and if the patient dies, the patient has to be cremated. "He is not like another deceased [person] ... You will not see him again he dies inside a hospital."

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Further frustration is expressed by Zamorano with some of his own countrymen, who have been dismissive of the ongoing global pandemic's impact, which has claimed 115,286 lives and infected 1,864,269 others as of Monday.

The global pandemic is very much real

An emotional statement given by Zamorano begs the question of the future of Mexico as the country does not believe in the virus, criticizes medical workers, and a country "that if the government does not do what people want, [they will] hit, shout, spit, I'm sorry Mexico."

Zamorana later on took some time out to apologize for this post and even said that his incident could serve as a perfect example of all the stress being brought forward by everyone who is indirectly and directly affected by the whole coronavirus outbreak.

Mexico has already had 296 deaths along with 4,661 infected cases.

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Zamorana says that he realizes that his case can be an example of stress and anxiety caused by the #Covid19 and how it can actually cause chaos. Zamorana also noted out that the hospital security is not enough for this wave of distressed family members stating that he will not wait for it to happen to his own family, friends, bosses, colleagues, etc. "It is time to act, we still have time!"

While the whole world is already feeling the spread of the virus, scientists are currently working on a vaccine but it does not seem like it will be ready any time soon. The best thing the world can do is to follow proper guidelines regarding social distancing as well as other proper protocols.

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