Blizzard's Diablo 4 To Welcome Gamers to A Brand-New World Filled With Grim and Hellish Creatures When It Finally Releases Worldwide

Blizzard's Diablo IV
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The latest game in the franchise of one of Blizzard's most popular hack 'n slash titles will feature a gruesome environment filled with gloomy visuals and disturbing aesthetics. Critics have expressed their satisfaction over the choice of the new style.

The road to the development of the game, however, has been filled with scratched ideas, suggesting that the company did not have a clear goal in mind on what to make of the sequel to the long-running series.

The ill-mannered move

During BlizzCon 2018, considered as an "out-of-season April Fools' joke", the game developer announced a spin-off to the mainstream title which to be supported on mobile, Diablo Immortal, that led to the postponement of the release date for Diablo 4.

The decision attracted the spite of loyal fans which were only reinforced when they found out that information regarding an actual 'sequel' of the beloved game. A year later, Blizzard finally decided to appease their fans by previewing a cinematic cutscene revealing the series' return to the dark side.

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Holding Diablo 4 back may be a grave mistake.

Fans have shared their excitement towards the initial screening of what the game could look like. Any additional delay on the release, however, could catastrophically affect the perception of players around the world.

With rumours going around that the development of the 4th instalment has been going on for years, it's not far off that the company would decide to release the game several years from now.

Fortunately, the designers were able to deliver on a style that even hardcore fans would be satisfied with. In line with this, though, they have to make sure that Diablo 4 doesn't take on its predecessors monetized auction house system. Adding to this, the team/s in charge of developing the game should take into consideration their fan's feedback to ensure that they deliver on the demand that they have created.

As can be seen with Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, hack 'n slash type video game such as Diablo are still hyped and desired throughout the gaming community. This comes with the volatility of the fanbase where one mistake could end up losing the much-needed love and support of gamers.

What was Diablo III like?

The predecessor, Diablo III, was announced worldwide on June 28, 2008. It featured a major graphical overhaul over the previous Diablo II and its expansions set.

The game centred around the forces of Heaven and Hell battling it out for control over the surface world.

You set out as someone known as 'The Nephalem', where you rip or blow hellish creatures to pieces in your quest to fame and fortune. Along the way, you'd meet several key characters that will help you in your journey, such as the fallen angel, Tyrael as you Aid in them in their fated mission of stopping the Lord of Hell, Diablo, from conquering the High Heavens.

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