Face Mask Company Creates Fake Ad on Facebook: Mother Outraged After Ad Claims Her Living Family Died of Coronavirus

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A California mother has just recently declared that she feels "violated" right after discovering that a certain face mask company used her family photo in a particular advertisement claiming that they had died of COVID-19!

The ad was created by the company known as FilterMax which features a photo of the mother Sara Ancich, along with her husband as well as her three children. The caption beneath the image even reads "Youngest son from a family of 5 is the sole survivor of a deadly pandemic after wearing a CDC approved filter."

The mother's remarks

The now outraged mother then asked who on earth would actually have the audacity to "clearly not know a family and say that they had died?" in an interview with CBS news on Monday. The mother then said that she was first alerted to the ad by her concerned friends who have spotted it on Facebook.

Ancich recently stated that her friends and contacts started reaching out and asking if the circulating ad was true. This bogus FilterMax ad actually claimed that the family members had previously contracted COVID-19 by attending a local church service.

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According to the ad, the family did not wear any face masks which then led them to become easily infected in the huge crowd. Ancich then told CBS News that a lot of vulnerable people could be easily duped by the ad and although she and her family are currently pretty much alive and well, others might still fall for it.

She stated that that "It's on the forefront of everybody's mind in the news and everything and how quickly it is taking lives," stating that could have clearly been true to people.

Ancich decided to contact Facebook

Ancich has already tried to contact Facebook and ask them to remove the very ad defaming her family from their website but somehow, the ad still continued to pop up! She then stated that "It's violating" expressing her frustration saying that she does not know what could have been done to prevent this.

Ancich stated that the family photo was actually taken about eight years ago, and must have actually been stolen from one of her existing social media accounts.

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The FilterMax ad then proceeded to claim that their products were actually approved by the Food and Drug Administration themselves which was later on denied by the FDA when asked by CBS News saying that there was no such existing approval.

CBS News then contacted Facebook about this bogus advertisement and the company then immediately removed if from the site. Facebook has finally banned all existing ads having to do with masks, hand sanitizers, wipes, and even COVID-19 tests.

This act of fake advertisement has not only caused damage to Ancich's family but might have also been selling face masks under false pretense of the family's supposed death due to the virus.

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