[Wanted] Woman Coughs on Kids Saying "Corona!": Cops Release Surveillance Video to Catch Her

[Wanted] Woman Coughs on Kids Saying "Corona!": Cops Release Surveillance Video to Catch Her
[Wanted] Woman Coughs on Kids Saying "Corona!": Cops Release Surveillance Video to Catch Her Photo : Screenshot From news alert 2020 YouTube Channel

While the severity of the ongoing global pandemic increases negatively, some people are still trying to poke fun of the whole coronavirus situation. Police are now coming down hard on pranksters by giving them terrorism charges due to the spread of fear and panic as the pandemic still continues to ravage the United States and devastate the lives of people around the globe.

The cops are currently on the search for a woman caught on camera sneezing on children while saying "corona." The prank was captured on the stores' camera and the police are currently on the search within the area for the prankster.

The #coronaviruschallenge or #coughingchallenge

After the damage was done, the woman then disappeared on foot right before the horrified parents could actually confront her, according to the police.

The whole Atlanta Police Department has just released surveillance footage of this woman walking right through a store holding both a drink and a shopping bag and asking the public to help them identify her to confront her of the damage and possibly stop her from doing the same to others.

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The woman is going to face charges of reckless conduct, which means that she will be carrying a penalty of up to 12 months in jail along with a $1,000 fine.

This prank is believed to be part of the latest string of sick pranks that are currently circulating on social media where people film themselves coughing on either other people or on different store produce for challenges and upload them to social media with the hashtag #coronaviruschallenge or the hashtag #coughingchallenge.


The female suspect

The female suspect was found to have allegedly targeted the family of six while they were all out exercising at the Atlantic Station on the evening of April 5.

The woman then approached all four of the children and coughed on them, she then said the word "corona" accompanied with laughter right after coughing.

Authorities also believe that the woman was filming herself as part of the ongoing coronavirus social media prank. There have already been other incidents where people film themselves coughing on other people or even on produce as part of this coronavirus prank warns the Virginia authorities.

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All the way in Missourri, a man who has allegedly recorded a video of himself saying "who's scared of coronavirus?" right before licking several different items in a certain Walmart store. A Texas teenager was also then arrested and charged just last week after posting a certain video on social media threatening to deliberately spread the coronavirus in another Walmart store.

During this time that the coronavirus has already done significant damage, the police are not taking lightly any existing coronavirus-related pranks ongoing. Aside from the actual harm that these pranks can do, these pranks are also a way to spread fear to other people who are already suffering from the fear of the coronavirus itself.

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