MSI's New RTX 2080 Ti is Here and Trying to Claim the Championship Title: Should Nvidia's Titan RTX be worried?

MSI's New RTX 2080 Ti is Here and Trying to Claim the Championship Title: Should Nvidia's Titan RTX be worried?
MSI's New RTX 2080 Ti is Here and Trying to Claim the Championship Title: Should Nvidia's Titan RTX be worried? Photo : Screenshot From Hardware Unboxed Official YouTube Channel

In the world of gaming, only the strong survive! Right now, Nvidia's RTX 2080 Ti still remains the most powerful graphics card in the whole GeForce lineup, and with that hallowed ground invites an equally harrowing Founders Edition steep price tag of $1,199 USD!

This has not stopped them from attempting to build a bigger, better, and also an even more expensive graphics card! In the true spirit of competitive gaming and gaming computers, MSI is among the new contenders now set to be the very first to shove a 16Gbps memory into the well-respected RTX 2080 Ti Gaming Z Trio.

The new MSI RTX 2090 Ti

According to a news post by MSI, the memory switch actually counts for a 5% performance boost over the otherwise popular 14Gbps RTX 2090 Ti Gaming X Trio which both feature the exact same GPU boost clock of 1,755MHz. The cooling solution still remains the same beefy, slightly screwy design.

The tweaked memory of the Gaming Z Trio tips it over the line just a little ahead of the known 14Gbps Gaming X Trio. The 5% increase could well enough be just the right amount to see the Gaming Z Trio outperform Nvidia's popular super-smart Titan RTX!

The interface card is already built for AI and its deep learning is approximately an RTX 2080 Ti. The third-party coolers that actually allow Nvidia's GeForce GPUs to really increase the frequencies due to Nvidia's GPU Boost technology, along with generous factory overclocks that have seen the very gap shrink by just a couple of frames.

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Micro-Star International

If the reported MSI's numbers are to generally be believed, the move towards a 16Gbps GDDR6 memory should even take the highly competitive Gaming X performance to a whole new level! Well, 16. Upon accomplishment, the Gaming Z Trio could possibly top the new Titan RTX in-game by a small margin.

The very value of memory bandwidth can't be understood as of recent. The GTX 1660 super and the GTX 1660 is actually identical in almost every way and the upgrade from the GDDR5 all the way to the GDDR6 memory allows it to perform approximately 15-20% faster!

This is possibly why the MSI is keen to release a new updated Turning card just a year and a half after its initial release. It seems like it wants the championship title right before the next generation of Nvidia's professional and gaming chips start to tear up the rulebook once again.

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MSI versus Nvidia

Nvidia's GeForce has previously been leading the race while holding the championship title and it seems like MSI is trying to catch up. Although Nvidia has been able to go all the way to the top, this could also be due to the lack of its competitors.

With MSI in the picture, there is a small possibility that maybe someday, Nvidia's place could be replaced.

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