$600 GPU for MacBook Pro? Could This New Upgrade Be Better Than The Radeon Pro Vega II Priced at $2,400?

$600 GPU for MacBook Pro? Could This New Upgrade Be Better Than The Radeon Pro Vega II Priced at $2,400?
$600 GPU for MacBook Pro? Could This New Upgrade Be Better Than The Radeon Pro Vega II Priced at $2,400? Photo : Screenshot From Marques Brownlee Official YouTube Channel

Way back during the WWDC 2019, Apple has previously launched the MacBook Pro that aims to replace the previous 2013 MacBook Pro. This new MacBook Pro came with a much better design as well as sleek, new, upgraded specs. However, the MacBook Pro was heftily priced at $5,999 for its base variant and then finally the max-out MacBook Pro at almost $50,000.

With this new MacBook Pro, Apple has also teased a relatively cheaper GPUs for those people who might not be interested with the still expensive $2,400 Radeon Pro Vega II GPU upgrade. This new GPU is priced much cheaper than $2,400!

The rumors on the new GPU

According to 9to5Mac, a new GPU was spotted on Apple's website. The company has actually given users an option to choose between the Radeon Pro W5700X GPUs, both with 16GB of memory. These are priced both at $600 and $1,600.

Although the prices are at $600 and $1,600, these are not necessarily cheap but are still way cheaper than the previous Radeon Pro Vega II. These are the very rumors that the macOS Catalina is capable of supporting the Radeon RX 5700 XT but there are still no guarantees from Apple or even AMD.

The newly used Radeon Pro W5700X is not as powerful as the previous Radeon Pro Vega II but for most of the users, it will actually still get the job done and could bring users a much better value for their money.

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Apple's non-reaction to the situation

Although Apple has not yet revealed if users will be able to buy the Radeon Pro W5700X MPX module separately after having purchased the MacBook but then again, it is still being widely expected that the company themselves will add this option very soon.

When it comes to the price, the standalone MPX module is expected to cost $1,000 because of its 480X that already sells for $400 and that cost is still factored into the whole standalone unit bringing it up to a total price of $1,000

Apple's iPhone SE, AirPods Pro Lite, and others

Other Apple products that seem to be getting a much cheaper version is the upcoming iPhone SE that is supposed to be price at much less than the previous iPhone products. The only thing that most tech experts have found weird about this phone is the fact that it seems to be a downgrade with a cheaper price and not an actual new product itself.

Other rumors have also been circulating regarding the Apple AirPods Pro Lite which is supposed to be a cheaper version of the previous AirPods pro that was then priced at $249! Although this is still a rumor, there are still a lot of eyes on this possible product although it might just be a downgrade of the previous AirPods Pro Lite.

Apple seems to be pricing their newer products much lower than their previous products. What could they be up to?

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