Final Fantasy Funeral Ceremony Held In-Game by Comrades of Player Who Died of COVID-19

Final Fantasy Funeral Ceremony Held In-Game by Comrades of Player Who Died of COVID-19
Final Fantasy Funeral Ceremony Held In-Game by Comrades of Player Who Died of COVID-19 Photo : Screenshot From Doctor Pockets YouTuibe Channel

In a recent turn of events, quite a number of Square Enix's Final Fantasy players have all gathered in the game-world in order to pay tribute to a gamer who has died of COVID-19 after the virtual funeral was announced on Reddit.

A certain deceased character who was well known in the game as Ferne Le'roy was obviously well liked, as the funeral gathered hundreds of other players and turned the whole crowd to a solemn walk across the game's map in order to properly honor him.

The chat on Reddit

After the chat began on redit, the group then set off from the desert city all the way in Ul'dah on the game's server Zalera. They were then joined by other characters from another server called Coeur, where Ferne has also played as a different character called Poppy Rose.

Just fittingly, almost the entire group was dressed in black. They then all walked across the Final Fantasy world in wearing their funeral specific attire, and proceeded to cross through many different lands until reaching the sun rose.

They all then travelled through the known forest of Central Shroud all the way up underneath the Guardian Tree, which is known as a sacred site located within those aforementioned forests. The journey took about 30 minutes overall and was pretty successful for being able to keep the mood appropriate.

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The FF fandom took it to Twitter

After this ceremony, the Final Fantasy characters, users, or gamers, all started going on Twitter to praise those gamers who attended the ceremony for their actions expressing their amazement at how many gamers actually showed up to the ceremony.

The heartfelt comments showed just how much this course of action was appreciated but was also a reminder that nobody is exempted from the risk of catching the virus which means that everybody has to be vigilant and watch out for themselves.

What is final fantasy?

Final Fantasy is a Japanese fantasy/science video game that first started way back to the beginning of video games in general by Square Enix. In fact, the game has become so popular outside of Japan that it has started its own movement as even cosplayers have started to dress up as their favorite in game characters.

The online game was a later addition to the franchise as the gamers wanted a more interactive gameplay compared to the previous role-playing game which although was marvelous, did not allow them to talk to other players, help each other, and basically just communicate.

The Final Fantasy online game has been able to do such as players started developing online and even real life friendships along the way. As shown in this recent event, it is clear how some of these gamers have high respect for one another.

The recent ceremony also shows that as a gamer, the recent victim of the deadly coronavirus will still be dearly missed.

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