Learn How to Turn Your Phone Into a Computer With the Use of Nothing but NexDock 2!

Learn How to Turn Your Phone Into a Computer With the Use of Nothing but NexDock 2!
Learn How to Turn Your Phone Into a Computer With the Use of Nothing but NexDock 2! Photo : Screenshot From Mike O'Brien YouTube Channel

Sometime last year, Nex Computers previously ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for something known as the NextDock 2 which is a laptop shell that is actually designed for use with the smartphone! The company was able to raise half a million dollars without problems and even sold out of the device completely!

Nex computers has already planned a follow-up release to the NexDock 2 sometime later this year that would be using some pretty sweet upgrades. NexDock 2 is a type of product which is colloquially referred to as a sort of laptop shell.

The laptop does not actually include most of the hardware one would expect! It actually has NO RAM, NO CPU, and etc.! All this NexDock has is a monitor, an internal battery, a keyboard, and also a set of components that actually help it run properly by sort of "leeching" off of a second device.

How to use the NexDock 2

The first thing you would need is a host device and a leech device. Your host device could be a laptop or personal computer while your leach device could be a phone.

If you turn on the NexDock 2, the screen then simply displays some sort of boot screen that says "NexDock is ready to connect." This way, it won't be able to function until you connect it to a host like a laptop or a personal computer.

With the NexDock 2 turned on, all you need to do now is to connect your smartphone to it by using one of the really high-quality USB-C cables that Nex Computer also includes in the box along with the shell. There's a specific USB-C port located on the left side of the NexDock 2 and that clearly shows a smartphone so you'll know which one to use.

Once connected, the NexDock 2 then displays your smartphone on the monitor itself! By using a Samsung smartphone as the primary device, Samsung's own proprietary Dex system actually takes over and also presents a sort of clean, Windows-like UI on the NexDock itself.  Smartphones without Dex or even something similar will then simply be mirrored on the NexDock.

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The phone connected to the NexDock 2

While your phone lays connected to the NexDock 2, a certain symbiotic relationship forms between the two devices. The NexDock actually steals computing power from the phone and the phone itself ingests battery from the NexDock. You will then have access to everything on the phone which includes apps, files, contacts, text messages, etc., are all accessible using the new NexDock's trackpad along with the keyboard.

Once you have finally finished, all you need to do is to unplug your phone. The NexDock 2 will then automatically go into power-saving mode right until the next time you need to use it. This could be a really useful tool to use should you need to access something from your phone on your laptop or computer.

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