Take a Sneak Peek of What Flying Economy Looks Like Post-Coronavirus Pandemic with New Cabin Designs Emerging

Ainointeriors New Design Focuses on a Post-Pandemic Economy Flight Setting
Ainointeriors New Design Focuses on a Post-Pandemic Economy Flight Setting Photo : Screenshot From アメリカ在住陸マイラー Kaz YouTube Channel

If you've ever wondered what the world of economic flights would look like during the time of the pandemic, well, here's a sneak peak! There have been a few designs that have recently emerged for two different post-coronavirus economy cabin concepts that are actually aimed at helping to prevent possible future pandemics.

The project is known as "Janus" and it actually takes inspiration from some sort of ancient two-faced roman god by installing a reversed center seat, while the other "Glassafe" concept actually sees each seat lifted with the use of a "hood."

The new seat design

These designs are made by a certain Italian firm called the Aviointeriors, which has already released certain renderings of both of these concepts. Aviointeriors have also said that this Janus seat will actually ensure the maximum isolation between the passengers even if they are seated next to one another.

While the passengers that are seated on the plane's side seats, aisle, and fuselage, they continue to face the direction of the travel while those passengers seated in the center face backwards.

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Aviointeriors have also explained that aside from space, they will also be protected from those walking down the aisle and that a shield will be present to prevent breath propagation to different occupants of certain adjacent seats.

The design is also made to ensure easy cleaning as well as safe hygienic materials. Instead of just efficiency, these planes will be designed for safety without leaving out the comfort factor. The goal was also to make this design aesthetically light and in no way threatening.

The Aviointerior's concept

According to Aviointeriors' spokesperson, all of the national authorities worldwide are working together in order to block the pandemic through certain series of actions as well as recommendations and that they want to contribute their ideas along with their proposals in the interests of the entire community.

It is pretty obvious that the entire airplane industry has been affected as flights are being cancelled left and right in fear of the virus and this is why Aviointeriors have tried their best to factor in new designs that could be useful in stopping the virus from spreading even when passengers are on an airplane.

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Although the design is still tentative and there has not yet been any final announcement as to when it will be officially deployed, the near future definitely calls for these kinds of designs that prioritize proper distancing as well as hygiene, sanitation, and also preventive measures to stop the virus from spreading.

The ongoing pandemic has deeply crippled the aviation industry as most people involved in this industry have already lost their jobs and careers due to people not flying on airplanes anymore. There is still no telling when aviation operations can once again continue at its full extent but it does not seem like any time soon. Aviointeriors have been able to think ahead and design something that could possibly be beneficial in the future.

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