[Instagram Video] Cute Husky Seen Being Walked by Drone: Could This Be the New Norm for Doggo Walking?

[Instagram Video] Cute Husky Seen Being Walked by Drone: Could This Be the New Norm for Doggo Walking?
[Instagram Video] Cute Husky Seen Being Walked by Drone: Could This Be the New Norm for Doggo Walking? Photo : Screenshot From 2husketeers's Instagram Page

A recent video is going viral right now of a husky and a drone! A certain husky owner previously used a drone in order to walk her dog and keep proper social distance at the same time during the whole coronavirus lockdown.

The nine-year-old husky all the way from Madison, Wisconsin, named Nika, was able to fulfill her daily walk with the help of a drone while both her owners, Kaitlin and Jonathan, were still able to maintain proper social distance.

The viral video

As seen in the video, the husky's own lead is being hooked in a really clever way to the drone that is hovering behind her. Nika then slowly realizes that it is time for her walk when she starts to hear the buzzing drone moving forward.

She then casually saunters down the street while looking at everything around her. Nika is then seen to speed up a little bit towards the later part of the video while even looking very comfortable and not paying any attention to the hovering drone.

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Nika is actually one of two huskies owned by Kaitlin and Jonathan with a younger sister named Kira who is younger than her by two years. The video was then posted on Nika and Kira's very own Instagram account, with a little over 200,000 followers, having a caption of "Social distance dog walking: drone edition! Genius, lazy, or a little bit crazy?"

It seemed like the followers on Instagram loved this idea of making use of a certain drone and they were all very impressed at Nika's cooperation. Nika seemed like a really trained dog and it was a good thing that she just went with it without giving Kaitlin and Jonathan a hard time.

During this time of social distancing, it has become really hard to continue certain routines like going to the gym, jogging, or even something as easy as walking the dog. Because of the recent social distancing laws, people are advised to stay at a distance of one another and it seems like Kaitlin and Jonathan have found a loophole to walking their dog Nika!

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The ongoing pandemic

The ongoing pandemic has definitely had an effect on most of the daily chores like walking the dog and other simple things. It's a good thing that the couple thought of using technology in order for them to be able to properly carry out walking their dog while observing proper social distancing!

It seems like despite the ongoing pandemic and the strict social distancing laws, Nika was still able to get her daily walk after all! The video shows an adorable Nika being led by the drone slowly but surely. It seems like technology was able to help Nika continue her daily walks after all.

The growing pandemic has made things hard not just for the victims but also for the whole world. It's a good thing that technology is here to help. In this case, technology was able to help the adorable Nika! 

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