[LIMITED TIME] Overwatch Hero 'Lucio' Sets The Stage For These Vibrantly Designed Headsets

Razer's Limited Edition Lucio-Themed Headset
Photo : Razer / Twitter

Overwatch fans are sure to be thrilled with Razer's newest product as the company partners with their favorite game. The partnership brings an Overwatch hero-themed gaming accessory, namely a Lucio designed headset.

Sporting a colorful blue, green, and yellow that matches the aforementioned DJ heroine from Rio, these headwear are sure to bring the dazzle to your gaming experience. They also feature a small Overwatch logo to go with the overall theme of the set.

What else is in store?

As a bonus, Razer will hold a giveaway for a mouse mat with the Overwatch theme as well, where players can participate in just by following the account and retweeting the post along with a comment of who you're favorite is.

Razer also posted the announcement on Twitter about their partnership with @PlayOverwatch for the design. They urged fans to stay tuned for the release as well as the mechanics for the giveaway.

They stated that the Grand Prize Winner of the giveaway would be given both the Razer Nari Ultimate Lucio Edition headset and Razer Goliathus Mouse Mat, which features the popular game's theme. Another five winners will receive exclusive Razer Customs discount codes, which could be used anytime after the event. The giveaway is set to end on April 30 at precisely 11:59 p.m. PDT.

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The headset on offer costs an astounding $229.99, which gives fans all the more reason to enter for a chance to get a free set.

Razer also said, "Wherever the battle's at in Overwatch, support is just a song away. Bring the noise and get into the groove with our exclusive set of high-performance peripherals inspired by Lucio-the Brazilian DJ and freedom fighter out to change the world for the better, through his music and actions."

The company also said the headsets give you a heightened sense of awareness due to its brilliant surround sound system and feel the music come alive. The device features haptic technology that lets you experience every single combat with precision and realism.

Supporting the support

Lucio is a support hero in the massively popular online team-based game, and his specialty is keeping his allies in tip-top shape to dominate the enemy team. The headset based on him also follows this trend, where they deliver only the best quality to let you feel every single bit of action in the fight and keep you fighting at your best with comfort.

The announcement of the dazzling accessory along with the giveaway made Lucio a hot topic among Twitter users, causing a massive influx of tweets in response to the required mechanics of entering.

It brought about the rise in fame of the seemingly forgotten hero as he was one of the original characters in the online game. The massively positive response goes to show the amount of memorability these classic heroes have on the community that plays them on a near-daily basis.

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