[Trailer] Ultimate Games Will Release a 'Pope Simulator' Video Game Where Players can be the Most Powerful Man in the World!

[Trailer] Ultimate Games is Said to Release a 'Pope Simulator' Video Game where Players can be the Most Powerful Man in the World, the Pope!
[Trailer] Ultimate Games is Said to Release a 'Pope Simulator' Video Game where Players can be the Most Powerful Man in the World, the Pope! Photo : Screenshot From Ultimate Games S.A. YouTube Channel

Yes. You heard it correctly. There's actually a Pope Simulator game that allows the player to try on the shoes of the most powerful man on Earth, the Pope himself! The game comes from Polish publishers, Ultimate Games, and has not yet seen a specific launch date for the game just yet but a certain preview has recently been uploaded to Steam saying "coming soon".

A new trailer emerges opening with white smoke from a chimney, which is a symbolic event that signifies the election of a new Pope. The trailer even gives a few insights into how it's like to live the papal life and carry out daily duties of the Pope, which include prayers and even blessings.

Although this is currently just an illustrative trailer, Ultimate Games have said that they only just started working on this new simulator game. According to their CEO Mateusz Zawadzki, the game's art is still in its very early preliminary stages and the trailer was released only for illustrative purposes.

The upcoming Pope Simulator game

Ultimate Games have said that how the game unfolds is entirely up to the players, with a series of different choices that could shape how the game flows. The game is made to give players freedom to implement their own personal view of the world as well as meddle with global politics by meeting certain world leaders.

The company even says that the game is a "realistic simulator of the Pope" which means that the in-game Pope would be facing problems of the modern world. The cost and timeframe has yet to be announced but it is still highly unlikely that the game will be available this very year.

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How the game plays out

The game starts off with the player's first day as the newly elected Pontiff and the first choice to make is picking out your coat of arms since it could possibly effect how the game rolls on. The Pope's power, or strength, can run low later in the game and can be brought up through prayer and also summarizing your different accomplishments.

Although the CEO has confirmed that the Pope won't have any military or economic power, the Pope still has a great influence in the world just like how it was back in the 1980s, when Poland's communist system collapsed.


Ultimate Games' preparation for the game

Ultimate Games has just made a major investment in the publisher PlayWay, who has previously created a game called I Am Jesus Christ, where gamers play as the messiah himself traveling the world and even performing miracles.

The game is said to be made available only for windows and would require at least an Intel Core i3-6100 processor for it to play. The Vatican affairs specialist John L Allen Jr. gave a statement in Crux saying that there is no accident at all and that he suspects that the Pope Simulator was developed in Poland due to a whole generation who remembers the role of St. John Paul II during the dissolution of the Soviet empire itself.

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