Here's How to Get Unlimited HP and MP in Final Fantasy XV: Square Enix Hack to Infinite and Fast Regeneration

Here's How to Get Unlimited HP and MP in Final Fantasy XV: Square Enix Hack to Infinite and Fast Regeneration
Here's How to Get Unlimited HP and MP in Final Fantasy XV: Square Enix Hack to Infinite and Fast Regeneration Photo : Screenshot From Shirrako YouTube Channel

Final Fantasy XV Hack: What started out as a road to a wedding turned into a whole adventure to save the homeland of Prince Noctis. Instead of going through with his wedding to Noctis' fiancée Luna, the prince and his friends end up on a quest that would either make or break humanity.

The prince then finds King Regis, his father, killed by the hands of the enemy and he'll have to summon all the strength he can get to defend his kingdom!

Final Fantasy XV by Square Enix has been one of the extremely popular games of the franchise and although it still does not top the legendary Final Fantasy VII, this game is still some place close to the top. This game still hits everyone on an emotional level because of the romance it has cultivated as well as the passion for defending home.

The game may be a really good story but it can be quite hard to play. Square Enix's Final Fantasy XV is a little bit complicated and it might just be a little too stressful to overcome without some help.

A great way to overcome the obstacles and fight your way to finish the story is to make sure your character does not die. It can be tiring going through the same level again and again and again. Although there is no simple hack that can magically give your character unlimited HP and MP, there's a certain hack that can give you infinite and fast regeneration!

How to activate the glitch

First thing you need to do is to enter the battle and sadly, you'll actually have to take a substantial amount of damage. After this, you'll have to look for a spot where you can teleport to and then regenerate. This spot has to be a spot where basically Noctis himself hangs there with his sword.

The next step is to execute a certain companion technique while you're trying to regenerate (the best one to work out is Prompto's Stinger). When the small QTE for the next strike happens, you'll have to execute that as well. Take note, you will not have regenerated fully by this time.

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Glitch activated!

Now that you've done what needed to be done, your HP and MP will now keep on happening and it will only stop if you end the game or try to load or save so if you're trying to activate this hack, you might want to prepare for a long marathon.

Although this can help you regenerate your HP and MP, don't forget that you are not invincible so you should still watch out and make sure your characters' health doesn't drop down to zero. The regeneration glitch also doesn't work if you're in "Danger" so you might want to watch out for that.

The glitch is a nice addition to the Final Fantasy XV by Square Enix game but it should not be solely relied upon. This is a good backup though.

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