Survival Tips: How to Watch Out for Poison and Other Stranded Deep Techniques

Survival Tips: How to Watch Out for Poison and Other Stranded Deep Techniques
Survival Tips: How to Watch Out for Poison and Other Stranded Deep Techniques Photo : Screenshot From Farket Official YouTube Channel

Beam Team Games studios has recently brought a new game that allows players to experience survival mode on a tropical island being isolated from civilization! The game is called Stranded Deep and it has already been released on PS4.

Stranded Deep starts out with a mysterious plane crash that tosses you into the middle of the Pacific Ocean where you are all alone and do not have anyone to help you. You'll then have to learn how to survive the harsh and unforgiving environments of the island.

Surviving the game can be somewhat quite challenging and one particular problem some players experience is being accidentally poisoned by certain unknown creatures. There are also other dangers lurking in the island and in order to survive, you'll have to play really smart and observant

How to watch out for poison

Poison is not friendly to the player and in no instance should you intentionally get yourself poisoned. There is no single benefit of being poisoned since it does quite a lot of damage and in some worst cases, it could kill you!

There's a specific type of starfish called the "crown of thorns" you have to watch out for and these can be seen as purple starfish under the water. Although this may look quite attractive, you should definitely steer clear of the starfish!

Scorpionfish are also very harmful which means that your best bet would be to stay away. Although they are not as bad as the snakes, they are still deadly and you should in no way try to cross paths with them.

Snakes! Beware of the snakes! Snakes can move pretty fast and if you don't evade in a smart way, they could bite and poison your character. Try to steer clear of their path and avoid making contact with them at all costs.

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Other tips for survival

There are also other ways to survive this game and one of them is never losing your raft! Make sure to secure your raft whenever it is no longer needed.

Don't drink salt water! Check out the coconuts. Although coconuts are a great source of water when you aren't around anything that could immediately hydrate you, you'll have to stop yourself from drinking too much if you want to avoid uncomfortable results.

Make sure to both explore and collect everything you can. The beautiful island is abundant with not just many beautiful sights but also a few useful items here and there. You might even be able to build yourself a real boat complete with a sail and a rudder or even an engine if you're able to find the perfect parts for it.

Although exploring is nice, always make sure to watch out for sharks in order to avoid damage! You'll find their iconic fins sticking out and you might want to rethink your next move when you see this sight.

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