Animal Crossing: New Horizons' 'Bugs Nerf' Makes Gaining Cash Significantly Harder From Catching Critters

Animal Crossing: New Horizons
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Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been making headlines left and right since its release due to its massively cute and immersive gameplay. The latest title in the franchise been hit with a hidden update; however, that has reduced the number of bugs that spawn in a particular location in a specific season.

The game company has been working and changing the spawn rates for several of the game's most profitable bugs, including the Emperor and Peacock butterflies, scorpions, Atlas moths, and tarantulas.

Ninja update comes crashing down

One user, @_Ninji over at Twitter, who has a good track record with his findings, posted information regarding his data mining of the latest Animal Crossing title. He found out that Nintendo reportedly generalized the spawn rates of all bugs and insects to let them show up at the same rate in any season.

The Twitter user shared the decrease of some critters' spawns such as Peacock butterflies being cut down by 80-90% and emperors and atlas by 50%.

Normal stinkbugs have increased by 100%, and man-faced types are down by half. Tiger beetles have had their rates increased by 33%, but scarab beetles have been reduced by 40%.

Scorpions and tarantulas have been nerfed hard by the hidden update as well.

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A handy little table was made detailing out all the bugs and their new rates to simplify searching for specific critters. The slashed out numbers represent the previous spawn rates, whereas the numbers next to them, the new nerfed changes.

At first glance, the change wouldn't make too big of an impact on most people's gameplay, but for some who farm these little insects for cash will have significantly reduced rates across the board. Usually, an hour or two of farming spawn would be enough to earn a significant cash stack, but with the new changes, you'd be lucky to have more than a handful of spawns.

A wonderful fantasy game

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a fantasy role-playing game that sets you in the shoes of a customizable character and set out on a deserted island to explore, gather, and craft your way to the development of the island's community.

The latest installment was a major success to fans around the world, selling more than five million in digital copies alone for the first month of release and is still going strong in terms of sales. It broke the record for most digital units sold in a single month for consoles.

Critics have applauded the game's gameplay and customization capability bringing a wide variety of personalization to gamers. Some also say its success is due to its release amid the coronavirus pandemic where more people are staying indoors and looking for new games to play that they could spend time with while being in quarantine.

The nerf deals a massive blow to farmers of bugs and insects, but most players won't mind the difference much as they play to build up their towns into successful and thriving communities casually.

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