Niantic's Pokemon Go Brings You "Remote Raid Passes"! Candies? Stardust? Check Out How to Level Up Quicker!

Niantic's Pokemon Go Brings You "Remote Raid Passes"! Candies? Stardust? Check Out How Your Pokemon Will Level Up Quicker!
Niantic's Pokemon Go Brings You "Remote Raid Passes"! Candies? Stardust? Check Out How Your Pokemon Will Level Up Quicker! Photo : Screenshot From MYSTIC7 Official YouTube Channel

Now that everyone's advised to stay at home in order to decrease chances of infection from the ongoing pandemic, you might think that playing Pokemon Go is impossible, right? Wrong! The company has found a way for players to be able to enjoy the game even without stepping outside and now, they go live with their raid passes!

Pokemon Go's very own Remote Raid Passes have finally arrived! This latest feature is now made available to every single player who is at least a level five trainer, and as the name suggests, they will be able to allow you to join Raids even remotely! You won't need to go all the way in person to a Gym in order to participate in this battle.

Once you get this Remote Raid Pass, you will then be able to join any Raid that later on appears on the nearby screen. Your character will be able to receive three different Remote Raid Passes through a very special one-PokeCoin bundle which you can get from the in-game shop.

Niantic is also allowing players to buy additional Remote Raid Passes for a limited-time price of just 100 PokeCoins.

Will this help bring players back?

Although these Remote Raid Passes could be an awesome thing, they still do come with a couple of limitations. First of all, while there is up to 20 players that will be able to accompany you on the very same Raid, there will also only be a limited number that will be able to do this using the Remote Raid Passes.

Topping all of that, while players who have joined the Raids using the new Remote Raid Passes will still have the same attack power as those other players that are physically present at the nearby Gym, Niantic also states that remote players' attack power will later on be reduced!

If you want to know more before getting yourself a Remote Raid Pass, check out the official Pokemon Go website for more information.

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Niantic's move to save their players

These passes seem like Niantic's brave move to make playing Pokemon Go easier during the time of this pandemic since it does limit a lot of players from going outside, which was the main concept of the game to have players physically travel to catch Pokémon.

Players will receive a single bonus Field Research task every single day without having to spin a PokeStop. Players can now even feed their Pokemons multiple Stardust and Candy all at once, which should in turn help their Pokemons power up much more quickly than they used to.

These Remoter Raid Passes are said to arrive in Pokemon Go just a little after Landorus is leaving the Raids. This Legendary Pokemon was actually set to depart last April 21, but then Niantic decided to extend its stay by adding another week.

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