Got A Tech Geeky Mom? Here Are Some Mother's Day Gift 2020 Ideas

Mothers' Day is coming along soon, and if you've got a tech geek mom, we know how difficult it is to figure out what kind of gift would benefit her that she'd appreciate. With the plethora of new gadgets and tech stuff that are out right now, it's no wonder you're swamped with the amount of research you have to do for that particular day.

Luckily for you, we've done the work you've probably been procrastinating of doing for a while now. And these items are a perfect fit to all mom's out there that are part of the generation who enjoys playing around or owning gadgets that make life easier and more appealing.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film
Fujifilm Instax
(Photo : Amazon)

Most moms love having family activities and going out on trips, and what better way to capture those moments other than with a camera, but not just your usual one, but an instant printing camera.

For all those who want to commemorate their journey's and moments together, the Fujifilm Instax is sure to bring your happiness as a family into the perfect pixel version.

This set comes with a sufficient amount of films for you to print on and several different kinds of cameras suited for whatever your group is doing.

Being instant cameras, they still provide stunning quality and vivid colors that rival those of professional cameras of today.

This package also comes with an assortment of pattern stickers, frames, and hang clips with strings to design your photographs, making them look even more stunning.

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SOI Handbag Light
SOI Handbag Light
(Photo : Amazon)

Being the original creators of the handbag light, this SOI masterpiece brings with it light (quite literally) into your life.

Perfect for that mom who always has a hard time finding an item within their purse or handbag, especially at darker times or areas.

The light is activated by a tap from your fingers utilizing proximity sensors that are activated by energy fields from your hands, which avoids the use of any buttons or switches, while also preventing unintentional activation by the contents of your bag.

As a precautionary measure, the light only stays on for 10 seconds before automatically turning itself off to save on battery life and accidental activations that you may not have noticed.

It may have been designed as a handbag light, but it has several other practical uses, such as a night light when you're trying to reach out for something or see where you're going.

iFlash Mobile
iFlash Mobile
(Photo : Amazon)

Does your mom usually have her gadgets whenever she goes out? What happens when she runs out of battery, and there isn't a charging station nearby? This nifty little gizmo fixes that problem for you.

The iFlash Mobile is a portable rechargeable battery power bank charger that contains a 5600mAh charge.

The body is also designed with smoothness in mind as it is very comfortable to hold and could fit anywhere in your bag or person.

The cells it uses are made of top-notch material, ensuring you won't have to worry about degradation throughout its battery life.

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