The Last of Us 2 Leaked Online; Naughty Dog Confirms Final Experience Will Be Grander Albeit Fewer PS5 Units Coming This Holidays

The Last of Us 2
Photo : PlayStation / Sony Interactive Entertainment / Naughty Dog

The Last of Us II is set to continue the immersive storyline of its protagonists. Still, Naughty Dog has acknowledged the leaks that have been circulating online regarding the sequel's plot. They admit that the incident is disappointing but ensures fans the final display of the game will be much more satisfying.

A spokesperson for Sony Interactive Entertainment stated their disappointment at whoever had the gall to release unauthorized visuals of the game before the game's launch. The incident has since hindered Naughty Dog's plans and efforts while ruining the experience of fans all around the world.

An unprecedented predicament

The game developer has shared with their onlookers they're looking into having a fair environment and getting everyone on the same starting line. They advise not to view any of the pre-released footage before the game's main release.

They've said there is so much to look forward to in the full game, and the leaks don't capture the breathtaking moments you'll find in the full release. A new confirmed date for the release was set for June.

The start of the incident was brought about by an unknown Naughty Dog employee who purposely leaked inside footage of the sequel before its full release, revealing what seems to be the whole of the plot and several footages.

The leak was immediately removed by Sony, but not before other users were able to summarize the whole of what was shown beforehand. The whole summarization can be found at this Resetera thread, but spoiler alerts are mandatory if you don't want to ruin the full game's experience and surprises.

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Some users have shared their grief of having ruined the experience of the game for themselves after seeing the bulk of the spoilers, and they discourage anyone else who plans to play the game from viewing the leaks.

There are some, however, who enjoy knowing what happens next in a video game, and they are all free to take a peek into the game before its main release in June.

The backstory of a fantastic game

The initial release of The Last of Us II was already postponed due to the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak that has left many working people from doing their jobs. The effect has led to Naughty Dog and Sony being in a crisis.

The developers expressed their worry if such occurrences were to happen again that they would be forced to proceed with a digital exclusive only release, which would be just as catastrophic as the incident itself.

A positive note amid all this leaking is that Ghost of Tsushima is on track for its June 26 release, where eager fans are awaiting the marvel of a game. The PlayStation 5 is also set to come during the holidays this year, although at a lower number due to some production problems on Sony's side.

The original game, The Last of Us, was a magnificent masterpiece that made fans around the world go crazy in excitement. It brought a whole new feeling with a world filled with fear, evil, love, and hope.

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