Best Gaming Consoles To Keep Your Kids Entertained And Educated

Kids nowadays are more tech-savvy than the previous generation, and in more ways than one, it has benefitted them in this time of crisis due to the fact of being locked indoors. Whether your child is into mobile gadgets or more of a hardcore techno-geek, gaming is a fundamental part of their hobby.

With a plethora of options for gaming consoles, the best pick to keep your little one entertained and also possibly educated with some games' intuitive and knowledge-based content has always been and is a daunting task.

Gaming consoles have been around for a while ranging from handheld portables to real powerhouses. These technological marvels have the unique qualities that set them apart from each other, and you'd want to look into what best suits your children when looking into which one to buy.

We've listed down the best qualities that you would look for on each console and why they would be the perfect gaming tool for your kids.

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch
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The Switch is the latest handheld portable console Nintendo has brought out, it provides the flexibility of gaming-on-the-go or on a big screen with its quick and easy setup.

It also features two joysticks for that perfect sibling bonding game time or a heated showdown. The controllers also come in multiple functionalities and bring the Switch into a league of its own.

The selection of games is also nothing to scoff at, with a wide array of choices ranging from simple adventure games to complex puzzle platformers, the Switch offers a variety of genres suited to all kinds of playstyles and preferences.

Nintendo 3DS XL
Nintendo 3DS XL
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As the Switch is Nintendo's answer to a hybrid machine, the 3DS XL is the decimated version of the handheld gaming console, and in that regard, does a much better job than any other competitor in the market.

With a sleek design, comfortable hardware, and an innovative 3D screen system, the 3DS XL makes everything else pale in comparison to gaming while traveling.

Building on the foundations of the Nintendo DS with its balanced dual screen where the bottom supports touch-command, the 3DS XL brings the game to a whole new era.

Improved performance and continuous updates and bug patches all round out a fantastic gaming tool your kids can't get enough of.

The games section doesn't devalue it in any way as well, with amazing titles such as the Pokemon franchise and the Legend of Zelda series being the platforms exclusives, it's sure to provide a favorite to any gamer out there.

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Playstation 4
Sony PlayStation 4
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When it comes to gaming consoles, Sony isn't someone you can't count out at any point in the match, with the PlayStation 4 being the latest in a line of best-selling and top-of-the-line consoles around the world.

The PS4 has had a fascinating and rich history throughout its evolution from the PS1 where it began with humble beginnings to become the powerhouse it is now.

With fantastic quality and systems, the PS4 delivers immersive and awe-inspiring scenery and environments that make you question virtual and reality.

Sporting popular games such as the always talked-about Call of Duty franchise and its amazingly-crafted exclusives (which are making their way to other consoles by the way), there will always be something new that caters to the majority of fans.

Xbox One X
Microsoft Xbox One X
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The Xbox line of consoles is the property of Microsoft, yes, that's right, the most-used program on computers also owns a gaming console brand, and it's more than meets the eye.

The Xbox One X provides some additional features from its predecessors, where it doubles as an exceptional entertainment system.

It is equipped with Ultra HD Blu-ray playback that makes it capable of supporting some of the most advanced and technological film viewings.

As a gaming console though, it's not weak in any way, with a unique controller and sporting incredible party chat features and capabilities, you're sure to maintain a high level of competitiveness whenever you're warring with your mates or just strolling around with your clan.

One thing to rub in every other console's face is the title of "World's Most Powerful Console" during its release with a staggering 40% better output than any of its competitors, which is sure to satisfy hardcore gamers and even provide the ultimate experience for young casuals as well.

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