Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic: Here are 5 Other Choice Actors for the Role of Netflix's Tiger King

Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic: Here are 5 Other Actors that Could Also be Perfect for the Role of Netflix's Tiger King
Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic: Here are 5 Other Actors that Could Also be Perfect for the Role of Netflix's Tiger King Photo : Screenshot From In/Frame/Out YouTube Channel

Nicolas Cage is said to play the gun-slinging gay cowboy zoo owner Joe Exotic who has brought massive attention towards himself with the ever eccentric persona he put on Netflix's Tiger King reality TV series. 

The show gathered a massive following that even turned the whole bizarre world of Joe Exotic into somewhat of a pop culture icon.

Even a TikTok trend started taking place as the famous "I'm a savage" challenge was then replaced with "Carole Baskin" in a hilarious rendition. 

Those who did this challenge usually dress up as Joe Exotic himself and even Carole Baskin!

Nicolas Cage is no stranger to challenging roles like this one which is why it is a pleasant announcement that he has been selected to play this role. 

Although this is great news to hear, an article by Newsweek actually suggests that there could also be other actors viable for the position.

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Here are the actors suggested in the article that could pull off an awesome Joe Exotic:

Danny McBride

Danny McBride rocks a great mustache which is something that you need if you're going to play Joe Exotic. This actor is never shy when it comes to weird roles and has this hyper-masculine persona that could fit well as Joe Exotic.

David Spade

David Spade was actually among Joe Exotic's first set of choices to play him (including Brad Pit). Sadly, David Spade himself said that the idea was just a little bit too wild for him. 

He noted that the character would be very similar to his own Joe Dirt but ended with remarks of being unsure about the idea.

Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe tried to cosplay the Tiger King in a hilarious home photoshoot and the results were uncanny!

After seeing the photos, it's actually hard to tell the difference! Physically, Rob Lowe was able to get the image of Joe Exotic so if ever he should play the character, fans can expect almost exactly the same Tiger King.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Deep is no stranger to weird and although he hasn't had quite a good public image lately, it is without a doubt that the actor can easily nail the role of Joe Exotic. 

This very representation could even turn the tables and revive his career.

Woody Harrelson

Last but not the least, Woody Harrelson did quite an awesome job in Zombieland that it is not hard to imagine him as the Tiger King himself. 

Adding a mullet, keeping the stache, and doing what he does, Woody Harrelson as Joe Exotic could be an even more epic portrayal.

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These other choices are just wishful thinking but it's nice to imagine how other characters could potentially play this gun-wielding wild Joe Exotic in Netflix's latest Tiger King. 

The series is just so bizarre that the whole story grows on you and the many "did that really happen!?" moments make the plot even more interesting.

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