Do the Savage CAROL BASKIN Challenge! New TikTok Trend Replaces "I'm a Savage" with Netflix's Tiger King!

Do the Savage CAROL BASKIN Challenge! New TikTok Trend Replaces "I'm a Savage" with Netflix's Tiger King!
Do the Savage CAROL BASKIN Challenge! New TikTok Trend Replaces "I'm a Savage" with Netflix's Tiger King! Photo : Screenshot From Laura Smith YouTube Channel

Netflix has recently released a really intriguing documentary about a zoo owner and an odd turn of events that surround him. The story revolves around the war between both Joe Exotic, the owner and boss of G.W. Zoo, and a certain Carole Baskin, the leader of the Big Cat Rescue, who was bringing heat and trying to take Joe down.

Joe Exotic, known as the Tiger King, was eventually sentenced to 22 years in prison recently in 2020 for his alleged plot to actually kill Carole, along with his many wildlife violations. Joe had owned a zoo with a lot of big cats, and got really popular for being America's most prolific breeder.

The Tiger King had gotten a huge amount of notoriety for the way he treated his animals, and even came under great scrutiny from the activist known as Carole Baskin, the owner of Big Cat Rescue. Carole was trying to stop Joe from breeding these animals and the two instantly became enemies, which is the said to be the reason behind the alleged plot to kill her.

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The viral TikTok dance

The internet thought it would be hilarious to take the popular "I'm a savage" trending dance on TikTok and use the steps for an all new CAROL BASKIN dance. This hilarious new trend sees men, women, and even kids dress up as the Tiger King himself and others accompanying dressed as Carol Baskin.


The audio used is the voice of the Tiger King replacing "I'm a savage" with "Carol Baskin" and the switch goes perfectly with the beat. These new lyrics have been now replaced the whole "I'm a savage" song on TikTok.

The new trend has been gaining popularity amongst those who were able to watch Netflix's Tiger King and seems to be an addition to all the memes about this series. The memes haven't stopped and it seems like this new challenge could be a new big thing.


The controversial series

The series was met with good and bad reviews for its heavily controversial topic and although this is a documentary, there is still discussions ongoing this very day as to whether the Netflix series did justice to the portrayal of the Tiger King and present the story in an unbiased way.

Aside from the controversial Tiger King, there has also been controversy circulating Carole Baskin especially outside of the series as the people of the internet started digging up on whether or not she was really as clean as her intentions to save the animals.

The show has been a topic of many debates as some people side with the Tiger King saying that he was just doing what he was doing as the owner of the zoo and some people side with Carole Baskin saying that what Joe Exotic did was completely unacceptable and that he deserved the 22 years he got in prison for his crimes and alleged plot to kill her.

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