[Video] Embodied's Moxie Is A New Interactive Robot That Understands Emotion and Speech: Would You Buy it for $1,499?

The most common home robot that you'd see in this day and age is the Roomba, but this robot run by artifical intelligence (AI) functions more like an automated cleaner than a robot. A new and seemingly intuitive mechanical friend comes in the form of Moxie, a robotic creation by Embodied that sets to set the bar for the market.

The company was founded by Maja Mataric, a USC robotics professor and Paolo Pirjanian, former iRobot Chief Technology Officer back in 2016. The pair have enlisted the aid of Pixar employees and Jim Henson in manufacturing the realistic machination.

A first for robotics

The first looks of the creation are promising, revealing how extremely expressive its facial display is along with its smooth animatronic movements. Moxie was designed to be focused on a child-friendly market for an intuitive educational helper and guide.

The manufacturer also looked to neuroscientists and child development specialists for help with Moxie's production. Embodied also plans to roll out the launch of the beta very soon.

Pirjanian said that we are currently at a crucial point in how we go about interacting with technology and machines. He also said their team has been revisioning how they view human-machine interactions as it is more than just simple verbal communications.

They plan to have Moxie lead to the next generation of computing and influence a new class of machines that can delve into social interactions and conversations.

Embodied manufactured the robot to have the ability to understand and even relay emotions with matching speech, proper facial expressions, and fluid body motions. This set of attributes will help in tapping into human psychology and creating a natural bond with a robotic acquaintance.

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To reduce monotony, Moxie will focus on varying themes every week, such as kindness, friendship, empathy, and respect, which all come together to deepen the personalization between child and machine.

While Moxie is still in its early stages of development and design, initial results have been most satisfactory. It also already has a baseline price at $1,499 and is open for reservations that will start to deliver in the fall.

The backstory of its predecessor

iRobot has had its flagship and famous robot the Roomba have the spotlight as the one home robot users are sure to be fascinated with.

The Roomba is a series of automated robotic vacuum cleaners that were first introduced in 2002, where their announcement revitalized the world of home robot fans around the world.

The machine itself features a set of sensors that allow it to navigate through its surrounding of your home and do its job of cleaning it.

The Roomba has a wide range of sizes, and each one features different uses, which include tangle-free brushes and separate sweep canister. Some versions also have a more powerful vacuum and even obstacle avoidance systems to ensure practicality around your house.n

The highest model, the 900 series, also features cameras that enable it to cover the whole floor and not miss one spot.

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