Pokemon Go Guide: Here's How To Make The Best of The Latest May Spotlight Hour To Make Plenty Of Stardust

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Pokemon Go has retained its popularity and fanbase even amid the coronavirus lockdown stopping people from going out of their homes to experience the full mechanics of the world-roaming app.

New update by Niantic has brought its first Pokemon Go spotlight hour event this May 5 at approximately 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. local time. The event will increase the spawn chance of the 1st generation pokemon Shellder and allow you to collect twice the usual amount of stardust from any pokemon that you capture.

Event inclusions

The featured pokemon Shellder is a water-type that resembles a clam. Don't let its cute looks fool you though, as this little crustacean is packing a powerful defensive shield that can protect it from powerful attacks.

The defensive behemoth can be made to evolve into Cloyster that bolsters even more impressive stats and a sinister grin to boot. The process would require the use of 50 Shellder candies that are acquired when you catch Shellders.

The increased spawns of Shellders also bring a higher chance to get its shiny version, which is a much rarer version of the original. However, it sports the same stats and only differs in colour, it's an excellent addition to those looking to collect shiny forms.

Nintendo's Pokemon Go's event brings an hour-long festivity that's sure to let you get your much-needed stardust for any in-game activity you're looking to do and to make the most out of it; you can even use a Star Piece to increase your gains even further.

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A Star Piece is an item that when used, provides a boost of 50% more stardust for any in-game interaction that rewards you with the currency. The duration of the increase only lasts 30 minutes, though, so be sure to use it during the one hour of the event not to waste any stardust.

A series of spotlight hour events are reportedly planned to happen on all Tuesdays in May. The featured pokemon on these events will vary and will feature the likes of Sunkern, Poochyena, and Bronzor. The event will also host plenty of in-game bonuses for those lucky enough to take part in them.

What can you do to prepare for this event?

There are a bunch of in-game mechanics that allow you to receive useful items as well, such as PokeStops or Gyms that you can interact with and spin that will spit out several items for you to grab. These items can be gained daily from each spot that you collect.

To prepare for this event, the monthly promo codes are sure to provide you with much-needed materials to make the most of the short event, once they're available, of course. These codes reward trainers with useful items such as pokeballs for capturing pokemon, berries to feed with, and even essential battle items.

When available, these codes will have to be redeemed in the in-game store or visit Niantic's reward website, where the latter method requires you to have an account. The advantage of this is that the rewards will immediately be placed into your inventories without you having to worry about anything.

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