Amazon Takes Its Fight To The Shooting Game Scene With 'Crucible': What Is It Bringing With It?

Amazon Game Studios' Crucible
Photo : Amazon Game Studios

Amazon is looking to shake things up with its upcoming game 'Crucible,' a third-person shooter that's announced to come out on May 20.

The new hero-filled action-packed shooter brings together a well-balanced mix of gameplay mechanics taken from games like Smite and Overwatch. It also has some player-vs-environment scenarios that are sure to keep gamers on their toes.

Amazon releases a new competitor

Crucible was initially announced in 2016 at Twitchcon and has now seen a release for its newest gameplay trailer and has since revealed its release date. The game is set to be accessible through Steam, albeit at a free price.

What sets Amazon's latest game from the rest are its three-game modes; Heart of the Hives, Alpha Hunters, and Harvester Command, and its lean towards making ability-upgrading the crucial strategy to use in a match.

The first mode, 'Heart of the Hives,' features two teams of players against each other and adds AI-controlled extraterrestrial plants that are set to hinder your goal of claiming three alien hearts before your opponents.

The second, 'Alpha Hunters', brings eight pairs of players in a battle royale and sees the last team standing is.

While the last mode, 'Harvester Command' is a more traditional take on the MOBA genre where players compete to deplete the other team's resource first.

Crucible brings a beautiful mix of several popular mechanics and styles but does so in a unique way and a sense of originality.

The game would seem familiar to most fans due to its choice of ten different heroes to play with that all have distinct abilities and game styles while also bringing with it ability trees which the payer can upgrade and tune as the match progresses.

The space battle arena game is just one of the game company's latest endeavors, which include 'New World' Amazon Game Studios' take on an MMORPG in a newly-discovered continent.

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Amazon is putting out Crucible with a free-to-play feature to get its fanbase started like most games nowadays while having purchasable skins, features, and cosmetic items to bring in their sales.

The in-game store has not been revealed yet, so it's still unclear whether everything will be accessible right away or locked behind a requirement to buy, but with the release date drawing ever closer, there's only a little bit of wait to find out how the whole thing works.

How does the battle scene look like?

In Crucible, every match is played out on a level starting field where hunters (the heroes) have access to all their abilities and weapons right from the get-go.

While starting from even grounds, strategic players will be able to get the upper hand once they get familiarized with the ability upgrade system that takes hunters' primary powers and personalizes the way they battle whether they become faster or stronger.

The game also features a substance called 'Essence' that holds incredible properties that helps your hunter get stronger. It's the driving force of evolution in the game that are obtained by either killing foes or monsters or by taking control of objectives, collect more essence, get even stronger.

The environment is designed to be unforgiving in the world of Crucible, and you are urged to master the terrain and learn the harsh conditions of the battlefield. Learn the ins and outs of the game and crush your opponent underfoot.

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