Hell Returns As Remaster Of Diablo II Titled 'Resurrected' Brings The Classic Game Back Into The Spotlight

Blizzard Entertainment has previously revamped its flagship games Starcraft and Warcraft and brought its fans an ample serving of nostalgia and upgraded graphics and gameplay. This time around, the company behind the evil Diablo II is resurrecting the second installment of the series with a remaster that's allegedly coming out during holidays of this year.

Hell is back, again?

The remake of the classic title is aptly named 'Diablo II: Resurrected,' and according to the French site Actugamer, who has also predicted the previous launches of Overwatch and Diablo 4, giving it a bit more credibility, so take that information into account.

The game is reportedly planned for the fourth quarter of 2020, targetting the holidays when most people are looking into buying gifts and personal wants.

According to the site's sources, the one responsible for delivering the remaster is Vicarious Visions studio, which is responsible for the Crash Bandicoot titles and the port of Destiny 2 for PC.

Actugamer said there isn't any relevant information regarding the release or status of Resurrected and is waiting for the upcoming Summer Game Fest, or during BlizzCon scheduled for early November for a possible announcement.

What the original game brought

The original Diablo II game, along with its expansion pack, Lord of Destruction, brought gamers face-to-face with an army of demons and hellish creatures that are set to wreak havoc and destruction upon the mortal world.

Choosing from one of the base classes, you take your journey through the heart of the horde as you gain fame, money, and power to send back the legion and their masters down under.

The game had a hack 'n' slash gameplay style where you mow down your enemies into oblivion with massive weapons, mythical magic, and even otherwordly minions.

The expansion of the title brought two new playable classes into the fold, the Assassin and the Druid, which added more strategy and team compositions that players had to take into consideration as they formed parties with each other to cover their weaknesses.

It also brought a brand new area to the game, after defeating the boss of the base game, Diablo himself, you are now threatened by the red demon's big brother, Baal, who is more cunning and strategic than his aggressive little sibling.

Join forces with the barbarians on Harrogath, found on the slopes of Mt. Arreat, to prevent the Lord of Destruction, as the expansion is named after him, from reaching the summit of the mountain and laying his hands on the Worldstone, which he will use to bring the whole of Hell into the mortal world.

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A new horde of demons

The news also comes as Diablo 4 is awaited by eager fans to bring the next installment of the series with a menacing lady boss that's the Queen of Hell. The latest installment of the game by Blizzard has yet to have an announced date of release, and fans are raging,

The game company has had a long-running in delivering games and titles at a later date than what they announce, and no announcement makes critics skeptical of how long fans have to wait before getting their hands on the game.

There have already been trailers, however, showcasing the fantastic depth and new insight into the gameplay and mechanics of the series with Diablo 4's classes gameplay, which you can watch below.

The almighty Barbarian:

The diabolical Sorceress:

The elusive Druid:

All this considered, only time will tell when the release will happen, though most people would rather have it sooner than later.

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