Step by Step: How to Activate Facebook Darkmode on Desktop

Facebook has recently launched a new relevant feature in today's times called the "dark mode" to its desktop platform! The feature was previously made available for the Facebook messenger and because of the positive response, the social media platform has decided to add this feature to the desktop platform.

This new feature is not yet available but will be made available in the coming weeks. The feature was first announced in the previous 2019 F8 developer conference by the CEO of the company itself, Mark Zuckerberg.

The Facebook CEO mentioned a more optimized design for the desktop platform to help enhance eye health and other efficiency-related reasons.

The need for optimal features

As the world grows ever more dependent on technology, it is important that websites and their features improve when it comes to protecting user eyesight and offering an optimized platform.

The dark mode is not only easier on the eyes, but it also saves data and battery life due to the slim requirements of the optimized platform. Nowadays, with the huge influx of Facebook users, the need for an optimized platform grows as well.

The dark mode also allows for a smoother transition between certain features offered on the social media platform. From groups, posts, the timeline, and others.

The smooth transition allows users to easily optimize their time on Facebook giving them the opportunity of putting in more content or browsing faster through the platform with minimal effort.

How to activate Facebook dark mode

In order to activate Facebook dark mode, all you need to do is go to your settings and switch it on! The settings can be found on the right side of your screen with an arrow pointing down. 

Once you've found the arrow, check the list of available options and you will find a "dark mode" switch. All you have to do is flip it on! The easy flip makes it much easier to change should you choose to do so.

The easy switch can be toggled as many times as you want throughout the day. You can choose to turn off the dark mode when it is bright around you and you need the extra light and choose to turn it on again during the night when it is darker and the bright light can hurt your eyes.

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Facebook and social media

Social media has been used today as an extension of one's personality and there is only a handful of people that do not use social media. Nowadays, almost everyone has a social media profile either for professional or personal reasons.

The way social media allows people to connect has increased the network of certain people's reach.

In fact, social media has even created an industry of digital marketing with the use of social media as many professionals are able to accelerate certain company's growth with the use of social media.

If you want to activate Facebook dark mode, it's as easy as one, two, three!

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