Free YouTube TV for 1 Month? Here's How to Get CuriosityStream, Shudder, Sundance Now, and More!

Sundance? Shudder? CuriosityStream? YouTube TV is Giving Out Free Trials for an Entire Month! Check Out What They Have to Offer
Sundance? Shudder? CuriosityStream? YouTube TV is Giving Out Free Trials for an Entire Month! Check Out What They Have to Offer Photo : Screenshot From YouTube Official Facebook Page

During this current pandemic, people are advised to stay at home and in hopes of minimizing the risk of infection. Although it's good to have more time relaxing and staying with family, roommates, or friends, it can be quite boring especially if you've run out of activities to do.

YouTube TV has just recently announced that they are offering extended trials of certain select networks. This is the perfect time to take advantage of their services and keep yourself from going crazy with nothing else to do at home.

YouTube TV is a fun way of entertaining yourself with the massive amount of content that does not seem to run out. The good thing about this offer is you don't have to pay a single dollar until the free trial ends and you choose to continue.

Most services require you to pay straight up and only give you about a week of free content but YouTube TV actually lets you enjoy a month of service before making your decision. Keep yourself entertained in order to fight the urge of going out and risking not only your health but also your life!

The YouTube TV list

The list looks way too long and it does not seem like a normal trial in any way. If you haven't tried any of these networks, you'll be pleased to enjoy 30 days of different networks just like Showtime, Shudder, Acorn, and also Sundance!

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Here are the networks with extended trials:


Popular amongst horror fans, this network is a really good network if you are in it for the scares and the thrill.


Get to watch really good TV shows and segments on this channel. It feels like regular TV, but only better!

Acorn TV

Mystery. Drama. Comedy. Most of the popular genres are shown on this network making it a really good network to kick it to when you want some excitement in your life.


Science. History. Technology. Keep yourself well informed just by watching TV. There are a lot of good documentaries being shown on this channel.

Urban Movie Channel

Operated by the AMC channel, this network shows the latest movies from the action genre all the way to comedy. Why waste time trying to pick out a movie when you can watch awesome movies you've never seen before.


One of the more popular indie networks, Sundance is a great source of underrated artists, films, and other goodies.

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It's really easy to take advantage of this offer since YouTube TV is live right now and all you have to do is click on this link in order to start your one-month free trial. You'll be able to switch through networks with ease.

This list was provided by an official tweet that came straight from YouTube TV itself meaning everything on the list is legit! You'll be able to enjoy your favorite shows as well as gather a new collection!

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