Google Duo Upgrades Video Conferencing Limit to 31 Participants: Could Zoom be in Trouble?

Currently, Zoom is the most popular video conferencing app but with the heat that Zoom is experiencing from Zoombombing, hackers, and poor security measures, the app could possibly be taken over.

Zoom survives without much strong competition since the app's main focus is video conferencing of a huge number of individuals all at once. One thing that threatens the company's claim to the top spot is the upcoming competition.

Facebook has recently announced that it will be competing with Zoom by improving its video call abilities. The social media platform already has a video call feature but its abilities are limited to only a few participants. Facebook aims to break its limitations which could possibly be a threat for Zoom.

Google Duo

Aside from Facebook's plan to leap into the video conferencing market which has flourished mainly due to the pandemic and the need for individuals to stay at home to work, Google Duo also plans to do the same!

With two major companies trying to go after the success that Zoom has achieved, could the company stand a chance? Google and Facebook alone already own a huge share of the internet market as both a search engine and a social media platform respectively.

The two multi-billion companies aim to provide the service that Zoom offers and maybe even more. In detail, Google Duo actually plans to increase its limit to 31 participants which are already a huge leap forward.

Both Google and Facebook's ownership of the internet market share could possibly shoot them faster to success compared to Zoom's slow rise to fame.

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The problem with Zoom

Zoom has previously been the topic of much controversy as hackers and trolls are messing with this platform for fun. A thing called Zoombombing has become popular where certain individuals hack their way into private meetings and conferences to troll on participants.

Because of complaints like these, a selection of users would rather not use Zoom if there is an alternative. Facebook and Google Duo plans to offer this alternative and allow users a safe platform to perform their video conferences.

With strong competition like Facebook and Google in the way, Zoom has to act fast. Recently, Zoom has been hiring third-party security companies to help track down hackers and trolls in their platform as well as solidify their security platform.

The ongoing pandemic

With the pandemic on the loose, people have resorted to working from home which increases the demand for video conferencing since this is the best method for people to communicate during this pandemic.

As the work from home lifestyle gets even more popular, people are getting used to virtual communication amidst the pandemic which could be a great time for both Facebook and Google Duo to enter as competitors for Zoom.

With Google Duo upgrading its limit to 31 participants, the speed of communication, file sharing, and the whole platform of Google itself expands into an all-in-one function.

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