Civilization VI's "New Frontier" Expansion Pass Gets 8 New Civilizations, 9 New Leaders, and 8 Game Modes: Release on May 21

The latest Civilization installment was announced about three years ago and is now finally updating the classical Civilization VI with a brand new expansion pass called New Frontier. The game is considered the latest installment to this classical franchise that first braved the computer during its earlier days.

The game was originally created by no other than the legendary designer known as Sid Meier way back in 1991 when even the desktop computers or personal computers were still at its infant stages.

The series is made of a turn-based strategy game that allows players to build their own empire and last the test of time. The game's objective is to have players lead their civilization from the stone age all the way to the information age while dealing with many different challenges along the way.


The good news

The good news is that Civilization VI is releasing a brand new expansion pass called the New Frontier scheduled to be out on May 21 which is only a few days from now. Players are also promised a lot of additional content to slowly unfold all the way until March 2021.

According to the official statement of the developers, they welcome everyone to the new Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass which is an exciting new series of additional content that comes to the PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and even the Nintendo Switch that will allow you to create the best empire ever seen!

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Additional inclusions

The additions include six premium add-on packs that will be released over the next year. The New Frontier Pass actually offers eight new civilizations, nine new leaders, and even six new game modes! The add-on packs are said to be released on a bi-monthly basis starting May 2020 all the way to March 2021.

Topping all of those, there will also be six DLC drops and the company will be adding six additional free updates for all of the Civilization VI players! The updates are said to include balance changes along with free content.

Two of the current Civilization VI's leaders will be getting a makeover and transformation along with new abilities whenever players lead either America or France. The 'Rough Rider Teddy' does a great job at keeping peace with his own home continent while 'Magnificence Catherine' can now use Luxuries in order to overwhelm the world with both Tourism and Culture.

Each of the persona packs will also include a totally new take on a favorite leader, with an addition of new leader model and background, new bonuses, and also an updated agenda that actually reflects the changes to your leader's personality.

These Persona Packs will only be made available to owners of the New Frontier Pass and will come in the second add-on pack.

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