Meet 3D Animals Personally As Google's AR Brings Creatures To Life: How to Search For Yourself?

As technology gets even more advanced, and while the world has frozen in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, Google has found a way to educate people using AR technology.

Google's new feature in their search function enables you to visualize animals through Augmented Reality right on your mobile device.

Virtual animals in real life

The 3D models of the creatures can be viewed by searching for them directly on Google and pressing the "View in 3D" button. The endeavor was made to support educational purposes amid the stagnant position of schools and other facilities as well as the continued lockdown of countries around the world.

Several users have posted their experiences with the new technology on Twitter, citing their excitement and awe upon the realistic visuals that the company delivered.

The feature allows you to view the animals present in your own home to see how their sizes match up to regular people, which teaches kids that have never seen the creatures in real life.

The simplicity of accessing the function also lets anyone with access to the internet and a compatible device to view these visualizations up close.

The list of currently available 3D animals on Google keeps growing, and you can search for yourself if your favorite creatures are present, and you might be able to meet them soon.

Users who have tried the technology also shared their enjoyment of the fact that they can see just how these animals would like if they were owned, as unlikely as that may seem.

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That's not all

It's not just limited to animals; however, as the tech giant has taken things one step further, utilizing the AR function on models of systems within our bodies.

With the help of BioDigital, Google has mapped 11 human body systems that can all be seen in 3D and available in the same way as the animals were; search for the particular system on Google and hit the "View in 3D" button, if that system or model is available.

That chance to see how our systems look like in 3D is a big help in helping kids and others who do not have extensive knowledge to understand and get a feel on what goes on inside our bodies.

Another addition that Google has made with the help of Visible Body is the viewing of microscopic cells in AR, but don't worry, these won't be at their regular sizes, they'll be zoomed in for you to be able to see how they look like as if you were looking under a microscope or even better.

The technology visualizes the cells and makes them look like they're floating in the air right inside your room. The project is a significant jump from conventional teaching methods where students only see these kinds of things in drawings or photographs with no sense of realism.

For now, there is a limited number of options to choose from, but as the days go by, Google is sure to add more content to its immediately popular feature.

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