Nokia 125 and 150 Sells for Under $30: Would You Buy This Phone?

HMD Global has just recently released the Nokia 125 and 150 for just less than $30. The phone is pretty straightforward and can be used for the most basic functions like sending texts or making calls and it is sold for only $24 and $29 respectively.

HMD is the company that currently licenses the Nokia brand name which has been struggling to gain mainstream success in the smartphone department due to its competition of cheaper but also more technologically advanced phones.

HMD was only able to give the US retail price but has stated that these handsets will be made available in a round of "select retail markets." The much older Nokia 150 is currently available in the United Kingdom and the company is trying to make it available in other places as well.

What to expect of the Nokia 125

The new Nokia 125 should not really make you excited. After all, the $24 phone cannot be manufactured for more advanced functions with that price range. The phone is said to come with a 2.4-inch screen along with a longer body than the previous model in order to fit larger buttons.

One entertaining feature is the FM radio that is already built-in and can be used even without a headset which is a more modern version of Snake. If you are tired of using social media and getting regular updates is too much, this phone could be perfect for you.

The phone is perfect for the weekend getaway if all you need is your SIM card and you want to get away from all the updates of that technology has to offer. 

The Nokia 150 actually adds an MP3 player along with 32 GB of expandable storage. This feature is improved with a VGA camera and although it might not get you much, at least there will be a phone, to begin with.

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Nokia and its history

Nokia has had a powerful history but through the years, the company has slowly faded into the shadows with its previous competitors like Samsung and Apple taking over.

The company was not able to handle the battle of smartphones which seemed to be its biggest downfall. The company currently is still remembered by the masses but it does not have a huge market share in the cellphone market where companies like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and others dominate with flying colors.

The Nokia 125 and 150 brings back the basic function of the cellphone and can be used as temporary replacement phones for people who need a simple phone in between buying more functional and upgraded ones.

The two phones sell for less than $30 and can easily be taken everywhere as a backup phone should your main phone run out of juice.

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