Learn How to Create Your Facebook Avatar

Facebook is trying to bring back a feature that was more than popular on the previous Yahoo Messenger - the avatar! Back in the day, uploading your picture on the internet was still quite rare, and to give yourself an identity, most people had avatars.

Facebook is now finally making the avatar feature available in the United States starting today. Users can finally create a certain design of themselves as avatars and even post them on either the comment section or Messenger chats.

These cute additional caricatures are quite similar to the Snap's BitMoji app, but they also have their own distinct look. The United States rollout of Facebook avatars, which actually comes nearly a year right after the supposed initial launch, somehow coincides with the all-new release of clothing, hair, and even skin tone options.

How to Create Your Facebook Avatar

In order to properly design an avatar, Facebook or even Messenger users can scout for the new "Make Your Avatar" option that should be found within the stickers menu located in the comment composer.

While the avatars can currently only be utilized in the comments section, chat section, and the Facebook Gaming profiles, the company stated that the text posts will, later on, support these simulacra.

There will be a larger rollout of Facebook avatars that indicate the company is at least somewhat quite serious about coming to the certain quality of offerings of Snap and Apple. The company previously released its very own take on custom emojis which was called the MeMoji back in 2018.

With the current ubiquity of Snap's own BitMojis, Facebook Avatars could actually catch on and start a trend. Hopefully, Facebook users will then be able to post them in more practical situations shortly.

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Emojis and Avatars

Before technology was this advance, communication was on a word to word basis but with the use of emojis, gifs, and potentially avatars, the way people communicate has evolved exponentially.

Certain emojis can be used to express emotions and avoid the confusion circulating the certain statement and emotion that you wish to portray. Gifs are also used as a substitute for a reply showing a different form of a reaction with every gif.

With the coming of new avatars, another evolution has entered online communication and this could become another norm when talking about how people relate to each other. The use of emojis has shot up ever since more people started using smartphones.

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Nowadays, even smartphones come with built-in emojis while apps like Messenger by Facebook also include a basic package of emojis and gifs. With the upcoming avatars, it seems like Facebook.

Other communication applications like Viber or even WeChat already have emojis and a few gifs installed in them. Almost every application that deals with communication have included emojis nowadays.

With the addition of Facebook avatars, the whole communication game could change. At least now you know how to create your Facebook avatar.

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