New Percy Jackson Series Could Come Without Logan Lerman: Rick Riordan Reveals Work with Disney Plus

Greek mythology is still pretty popular around the world today and Percy Jackson is the bridge between a younger audience and the historical accounts of philosophers and religious collectors.

A brand new Percy Jackson series is reportedly in the earlier stages of development at a certain favorite studio, Disney Plus! The author of the book series, Rick Riordan revealed the good news on Twitter in a video he posted alongside his wife. The information was made public as the author posted the tweet last Thursday.

Rick then continued his statement in a heartfelt section saying that he is not yet in liberty to reveal more about the following series' information during the production's current stage. The author expressed his excitement for the idea of a live-action series made resulting in the highest quality series.

The series is said to follow the previously beloved Percy Jackson five-book series, meaning it will pick up at The Lightning Thief in the very first season. The author urges fans not to worry because "Becky & I" will still be involved personally along with every single aspect of the upcoming series. The new series could come without a beloved character, Logan Lerman.

The Percy Jackson popularity

The young Perseus "Percy" Jackson is the main protagonist of the book series "Percy Jackson and the Olympians." The series is said to start off with Percy suddenly discovering the fact that he is actually a demigod, the son of both a human mother along with the Greek god Poseidon himself.

In addition to the previous "The Lightning Thief," the new series is actually comprised of additional books like "The Sea of Monsters," "The Battle of the Labyrinth," "The Titan's Curse," and even "The Last Olympian."

The author has also published another book called "The Demigod Files" and "The Demigod Diaries" to accompany the book series.

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The new series

Both of the powerhouses, "Lightning Thief" and the "Sea of Monsters" were actually previously adapted into feature films. The popular Logan Lerman previously starred as the famous Jackson. The first film previously released in 2010 while the second film was actually released later on in 2013. 

Both films did receive a very well mixed review from film critics but in total, both of the films were able to gross over $425 million in combined sales worldwide.

The two films previously came from 20th Century Fox, which was recently acquired by the powerful Disney upon the end of the Disney-Fox merger that took place the previous year. At this current time, there is still no one from the film that is believed to come back for the new series.

Rick Riordan looks optimistic in the video as he announces the coming of the Percy Jackson series with Disney Plus and although it may seem a bit different to fans because of the possible gap that has to be filled by new actors in places of old actors like Logan Lerman, the author remains optimistic.


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