How to Make a Profit on TikTok: Social Media Influencer Shares Money Hack

One of the most popular apps in the world today that is even growing as we speak is the video-sharing sensation known as TikTok. The app has easily over 800 million users per month and is regarded as the amazing second most downloaded app back in 2019 (WhatsApp being at the top spot). TikTok is now spreading towards social media addicts, influencers, and even brands and companies today.

What was previously just thought of as a "teen fad" now has celebrities and other big-name entrepreneurs just like Gary Vaynerchuk declaring its power. There is currently a good reason why the app has become the talk of the town, which is an algorithm that makes it much easier to grab attention or "go viral" compared to other social media sites.

Social media influencers on the app have finally revealed what the key tricks are to go viral on TikTok. Here they are:

Post More than 3x Per Day

Being different from other social media etiquette of other sites just like that of Instagram, TikTok welcomes creators that post massive amounts of content. The app even rewards you for posting several times a day as well as going live.

TikTok also has a very powerful way of promoting your content, so even if you upload three per day, it is still very possible that all three will go viral. It's a triple opportunity for you to grow faster.

Stick with Your Niche

The more consistent you are with your niche and theme, the easier it will be for TikTok to pick up on you. If you stick to a familiar set of keywords instead of going around trying this and trying that, the app gives you a chance to go viral.

If you use the same hashtags repeatedly, the more recognizable you will become to TikTok, and the easier it will be to trend. The idea is to try only your top five hashtags on all of your videos, but every once in a while, you can maybe add a new one.

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Yes, You Still Have to Dance

TikTok is originally for dancing, and the biggest content creators on that platform, just like Charlie D'Amelio, have amassed millions of followers from their dancing abilities. If you put in the right moves and even if you aren't good, it seems like the users want to see the effort.

The whole point of the app is to have fun and let other apps deal with seriousness.

Comment on Your Content

It is essential that you give more information about your content in the comment section, and this is what big creators do. Some social media influencers even do this twice to make sure.

Create Re-watchable Content

It is crucial that the content you create is re-watchable and encourages rewatches instead of just something to be seen once.

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