Alien: Covenant Sequel in the Works? Ripley Scott Said "I'm Not Closing it Down Again"

Alien: Covenant launched 3 years ago back on May 19, 2017, and rumors are circulating online with regards to another sequel in the works! Despite the previously announced cancellation, there remains a glimpse of hope for the continuation of Ridley Scott's whole universe, which was created about four decades ago.

Back in 2012, Prometheus hit the cinemas and garnered a decent level of reviews along with some financial success that was able to gain the film $403 million all over the world. In this film, there is a team of scientists as well as archaeologists that ventured off into a distant moon to look for ancient star maps.

The expedition then takes a different turn when certain horrors start happening to the crew who wanted to study the "Engineers" who originally came from the star to create humanity.

Ridley Scott Alien: Covenant

Five long years after Prometheus, Ridley Scott came back to direct Alien: Covenant. This is the sequel to Prometheus, where the ship of interstellar colonists make a quick detour to a certain planet they have speculated to contain more hospitable environments compared to their original destination.

As expected, the planet is not what they expected, and they suddenly find themselves within the realm of certain ever-evolving creatures known as Xenomorphs.

Although Prometheus was successful both critically and financially, Alien: Covenant, however, did not make the same success. There were mixed reviews regarding the Covenant's inability to bring as much of a punch as the previous Prometheus. The box office numbers were also not too impressive as 20th Century Fox only made $240 million in net profits.

Although the film did not gain much commercial success, fans were still salivating for an additional sequel to the whole world that Ridley Scott created.

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Alien: Covenant's Possible Sequel

After the Covenant's previous release, there were still talks about further developments for a follow-up movie. Still, the problem is they became scarce because the film did not necessarily live up to Fox's expectations. According to the statements of The Hollywood Reporter, the Covenant's ticket sales drastically dropped down a whopping 71 percent just within the second week.

Fox previously told the public that any plans for further Alien sequels were now being "reassessed" due to the lack of success that the film brought. There have also been rumors circulating online about the final cancellation regarding the Covenant sequel shortly after the movie hit theaters.

Despite the talks of cancellation, Ripley Scott himself stated that if fans still wanted additional films, he can "still keep cranking it for another six," continuing his statement saying that "I'm not going to close it down again. No way."

With Ripley Scott's statement, fans can see that he is still interested in making another sequel, but there is still no confirmation to this statement given in 2017. Will Alien: Covenant have a sequel?

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