Is Robert Pattinson Fit to Play Batman after Saying He is "Barely Doing Anything?"

Robert Pattinson's role as Batman is starting to make fans concerned, and they are slowly turning to social media to voice it out. The concern came from a certain GQ publication that was given the title "Robert Pattinson: A Dispatch from Isolation." In this piece, the actor describes his basic existence of kicking around inside his London apartment as production is delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The concern grows as Robert Pattinson himself admits that he hasn't been working out or exercising despite already given an exercise regimen along with a certain level of expectation from the fans. The actor said that his trainer left him with a certain Bosu ball along with weights that have now been gathering dust in the apartment's corner due to neglect and not being used since the quarantine began.

Fans took it to social media to express their concerns about the actor not taking the role too seriously.

Robert Pattinson's Workout Routine

Robert Pattinson told the interviewer from GQ that back in the 70s, nobody was working out, and even James Dean himself did not work out. The actor stated that he thinks that if people are working out most of the time, "you're part of the problem."

A video on Youtube by Looper said that although James Dean did not work out, he was also not playing Batman. The actor also shared his call with his co-star Zoe Kravitz on how she was preparing despite the ongoing lockdown. The actress said she is still putting in the work at least five days a week during isolation to prepare for her famous role as Catwoman.

The star also gave a certain statement saying that he was "barely doing anything." Although it is relatable due to the limited options during the whole quarantine period, this alleged inactivity has started to bother fans as to his ability to deliver the role properly. According to some of the words and actions related by the GQ interviewer, it seems like isolation has had a bad effect on Pattinson's psyche.

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Is Robert Pattinson a Good Fit for Batman?

The star even admitted that he finds it challenging to keep track of time even during normal circumstances and that the situation got worse during the lockdown. The actor also described the fear he has even to go out for a jog.

Another thing that has fans raising their eyebrows is that the actor started to pursue some insane culinary endeavors and is reportedly obsessed with stuff like microwaving pasta. The actor even admits that this is "actually quite revolting."

The Batman is said to hit the theaters next year on October 1, 2021, but the big question circulating the involvement of Robert Pattison in this role is, can he deliver? Fans will have to wait to see if Robert Pattinson would make a good Batman.

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