Fortnite v12.60 Patch Update: Fixed PC Controller Aim and More

Epic Games Launcher will be releasing Fortnite's newest updates. As stated by Dot Esports, Epic Games Launcher will be uploading a new patch note in Fortnite. 

The Patch Note will Feature the Following:

A new game mode called Operation: Infiltration will arrive after the update of Fortnite to v12.60. The main goal of the game is to withdraw an intel case from an enemy team's defense area or protect an intel case from an offense team.

The current season's Battle Pass characters will no longer be available after the Fortnite update. Fortnite reminds players to accomplish their challenges to be able to obtain the Battle Pass characters and skin variants of characters that are specific to this season.

The game resolution in iPhones will be adjusted to keep the resolution at its peak quality. The new feature will include automatic adjustment of game resolution for iPhone users. There will also be an option for them to turn on or turn off this feature in the settings section of the Fortnite mobile app.

The game mode Party Royale will be featuring two new items: the Grappler and the Jetpack. Moreover, a few of the released map areas have been beautified.

Adjustments on the PC controller will be made. However, it will not be released until after the final tournaments of FNCS. This is so as not to disrupt the current playing style of the professional players.

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tweet from professional Fortnite player FaZe Megga confirms that Fortnite will be pushing through this PC controller adjustment. Moreover, Fortnite's official Twitter account for Fortnite Status Updates just tweeted that Fortnite servers will be down for the Fortnite v12.60 update.

Fortnite: A Biography

In accordance with NBC News, Fortnite was created by the game studio Epic Games Launcher and was released in the summer of 2017. Fortnite is situated on Earth. However, humanity has been wiped out, and the few surviving get by building their fortified home. In turn, this makes people battle each other for the scrap parts they see to build their fortified homes.

Fortnite was initially a survival of the fittest type of game wherein players find resources, create various tools for building structures and weapons for protection, and just plain surviving.

However, Epic Games Launcher created a new game mode for Fortnite: Fortnite Battle Royale. From there, the game flourished into one of the most popular games in the entertainment industry. Players are sent to an island. They battle each other inside the island until the last surviving player ultimately wins the game.

Amid the game, players individually collect resources like wood planks, bolts, and screws to build a fortified structure to protect themselves. In addition to this, they also collect weapons like machine guns, rifles, and rocket launchers to eliminate fellow competitors for the coveted title as the winner of the game.

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The Prominent Three Speak Out

According to professional Fortnite players NinjaAydan, and Tfue, they are not in favor of Epic Game Launcher's newest update on the aim assist feature of console controllers. 

Aydan, in particular, spoke out about the aim assist for console controllers update. He thinks that Epic Games Launcher probably wanted console controller players to have equal footing with mouse and keyboard players. Moreover, Tfue tweeted that the aim assists in console controllers ruined Fortnite for mouse and keyboard players.

Stay Tuned for more news on Fortnite v12.60 patch update!

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