Harvest Moon One World Comes Out Soon on Nintendo Switch: Will It Beat Animal Crossing?

Harvest Moon One World is expected to head to the all-new Nintendo Switch console later on this 2020. The news was confirmed by both Natsume Inc. and Nintendo just recently.

Harvest Moon has been silent for a while allowing the Indie game Stardew Valley, which is heavily influenced by Harvest Moon take over the fanbase with a more modern version of the classic game along with additional features that make it quite enticing.

Another game that also falls not too far from the classical Harvest Moon is Animal Crossing which does have similarities but is argued as a very different game. The number of similarities and the number of differences makes it hard to tell if the game was actually copied. The only thing that sets Harvest Moon apart from these games is that it came first.

Harvest Moon One World

With animal crossing gathering popularity on the Nintendo Swittch and people already adjusting to the cute gameplay, would Harvest Moon One World be a threat?

A certain press release states that Fledgling farmers will now be able to explore an entire world that is full of new and familiar faces. The freedom within the game includes allowing players to travel to unique villages and experience adventurous challenges while still managing their own farm. This new title is still being developed with an all-new engine along with new graphics.

The President and CEO of Natsume, Mr. Hiro Maekawa, said that Harvest Moon One World will feature a brand-new way of allowing players to explore the Harvest Moon environment that both seasoned players along with the new generation players will both enjoy. 

Mr. Maekawa also notes that over the decades, the Harvest Moon game has evolved so much but has also been able to retain the traditional, family-friendly farming fun that has become the identity of the franchise itself.

The President continued saying that the new engine along with the new graphics will be able to upgrade the Harvest Moon gaming experience for 2020.

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Animal Crossing

The game Animal Crossing has become arguably one of the most popular games on the Nintendo Switch being played by kids, adults, and even celebrities alike. The game offers a friendly and fun way of both socializing and completing fun tasks at the same time.

Even Elijah Wood was recently spotted within this game trying to play like a regular person that is bored during the lockdown.

The game has become even more popular with certain students hosting a mock graduation ceremony within the game and a couple having a virtual wedding within the game with their friends participating.

With the current pandemic happening, the amount of players in Animal Crossing has increased as this game has become an alternative for socialization aside from social media.

Will Harvest Moon One World be able to defeat the famous Animal Crossing or will another group of players appear?

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