Terraria UPDATE Gets Complaint After Adding Terrible "Luck" System

A recent article uploaded to Reddit started to account for the "horrible" new Terraria luck system revealing that the UPDATE has actually patched the bad side out of torch luck.

In a recent post by u/whoneedsnamestbh a lengthy account was published expressing personal feelings regarding the new 1.4 saying that Luck is just not quite a good feature. It expressed how unfair it was for something that is present without an explanation of how it works could have a massive effect on the whole game.

Before reading the post, it was advised to read this material for reference.

Terraria Luck "Terrible" first issue

Starting the complaint, it was mentioned that the luck stat is now invisible and there is no way for players to be able to tell how lucky they are aside from the arbitrary hints from the friendly Wizard which is unavailable until Hardmode.

Luck is also hardly ever mentioned in the Terraria within the game aside from the tooltip you can find on the ladybugs. Additional complaints state that there was also no information on how to change your luck at all.

Terraria Luck "Terrible" second issue

The second issue includes accounts of how massive of an effect that luck actually has on everything. The entire game is also twisted around that specific mechanic to the point that even coming down to damage the entire output. And this specific stat is affected by a lot of factors.

According to the game's Wiki page, luck can actually double all of the RNG or, to a worse extent, cut down until only 65% remains. This happens only in the most extreme type of scenarios but it still does happen.

Just by getting the buff/debuff from a certain ladybug can actually increase or decrease your drop rates by a massive amount of around 10-20% according to the complaint. Also, this important information is only scarcely mentioned in the game.

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Terraria Luck "Terrible" third issue

Another huge problem with the game is torches. Using the torches wrongly could resort to HALF all drop rates along with rare enemy spawn mechanics and etc. The complaint explains that torches also have an effect on luck within the game so that the VAST majority of gamers will actually have a low drop/rate enemy spawn rates whenever they use the torches since there is no explanation given to them in the beginning.

The complaint is a detailed expression of how Terraria's new update Luck could have been done better if the developers paid more attention to certain details during the development. The whole game according to the complaint could have done much better without the Luck update but now with its addition, the game suffers quite a lot in the Luck department. The complaint in Terraria  basically says that the game would have been much better without this feature.

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