[Fake News] NASA Did NOT Find Any Concrete Evidence of a Parallel Universe

News has been going around claiming that there is a parallel universe much like our own, as CNet stated. New Scientist and IGN Southeast Asia created articles that suggest a parallel universe that goes backwards in time. These articles talked about an experiment conducted by NASA discovered particles that do not follow the law of physics.

ANITA: In The Cold Air

Another news website has stated that scientists did, in fact, discover real evidence of a parallel universe. The article talked about NASA's ANITA experiment. NASA put together an antenna called Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (or ANITA) and positioned it above Antarctica.

ANITA was first launched in 2014. The antenna was used in observing weather conditions in Antarctica. The reason for NASA's choice of positioning ANITA above Antarctica is because of the frigid cold temperature there.

The atmosphere in Antarctica is crisp and dry because of the cold. The environment created by the cold temperature allows radio connections to function smoothly. The experiment on the parallel universe issue by NASA was conducted in Antarctica back in 2016.

ANITA was attached to a balloon that was designed to hold no pressure to be able to fly into the exosphere of Antarctica. ANITA flew up to an altitude of 123,000 feet above the surface of Antarctica. However, the experiment observed particles that challenged the laws of physics.

According to CNet, the particles discovered do not have any harmful effects on humans. It's only a rare occurrence for these particles to interact with anything that contains matter. However, if they do collide with an atom, secondary particles will burst out from them. This allows us to investigate where these particles are from in this universe.

These particles, as seen by ANITA, were coming in from space and making contact with the Antarctica ice floors. The head investigator of the ANITA experiment, Peter Gorham, who specializes in experimental particle physics, stated that the particles are of the neutrino subatomic particle. 

The particles observed in the ANITA experiment could only have behaved in that way if there was a change in the structure of the particle before it entered Earth and went out again.

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Theory of Parallel Universes

CNet stated that the internet had made headlines on the topic of the possible existence of parallel universes. A lot of these articles do not fully explain the details on parallel universes. It also mentioned that the New Scientist article was a paywall. The article lacked details on the experiment and the claim on parallel universes existing.

Because of this, the idea of the existence of parallel universes is now at a standstill. According to the article by CNetNASA has not gathered enough evidence on the existence of parallel universes, This, in turn, shows that no one can prove the existence of parallel universes

Right now, the idea of parallel universes can only be a theory. The theory of parallel universes can always be studied in great lengths as scientists and NASA continue to find true evidence that proves this theory.

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