Learn How to Make Money in Magic: The Gathering "Double Masters"

Magic: the Gathering is a collectible card game that is already quite popular in the world of card players. The game gets a brand new expansion set to launch this August which was announced by their publisher Wizards of the Coast, which is a segment of the international toy giant we all know to be Hasbro (NASDAQ:HAS). The announcement was officially given on Thursday, May 21 shedding light on the up and coming "Double Masters."

Magic: The Gathering "Double Masters"

Fans can expect a brand new fifteen-card booster pack that is set to hit the Magic Online e-commerce site this coming Aug 6. The complete Double Masters set brings 332 cards to the game and is said to hit the store shelves along with online retail channels this coming Aug 7. These new sets are said to be packaged in solid 15-card packs along with 24-card booster boxes.

The key takeaway to be expected is the word "Double" and Wizard made sure to pack twice the number of rare cards per booster pack, twice the number of foil cards per individual pack, twice the number of new box toppers, and much more.

The well known Doubling Season card, for example, also shows up in its own standard form and a new reimagined box-topper version but still with the same rules just different art. This is known as the fifth Magic set to actually feature the ultimately rare Doubling Season card.

Wizard will also be holding a new unveiling event at 5:30 PM EDT on May 21 on Twitch. The announcement will be revealing four additional Double Masters cards. A much bigger preview event is said to follow this coming July, displaying the whole set of 332 cards.

This new set is included in Wizard's rolling release schedule for the brand new Magic: the Gathering content after making their revenue grow 40% year over year in the previous quarter that just ended last March 29, 2020.

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How to Make Money from Magic: The Gathering

Although some fans might argue that making money off of the game is completely wrong, others see the practicality of it. According to a certain comment on mtgsalvation that replied to an inquiry regarding the possibility of making money in the game, it is very much possible making money selling different Magic cards on the wide "secondary market."

A misconception that was stated is that most people try to speculate which cards jump prices. The comment advised against this unless the player had great ability in assessing the play in both Standard and Modern. An example given was how Nightveil Specter suddenly shot up in price just overnight.

According to the comment, the best way to make money is actually by buying cases and cracking them in order to sell them online. This may increase your chances since the variety of cards might give you a net profit especially if you can find a demand for that card.

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