Pokemon Go Tips: How to Capture Pokemon Easily Including the Perfect Way to Throw The Pokéball

Pokemon Go is a game developed by Niantic Labs and was initially released in 2016. The augmented reality and location-based mobile game was made available on both iOS and Android. The game had 500 million downloads after two months of its official release and the number raised up to 800 million in May 2018.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Niantic has still found a way to allow players to play Pokemon Go even without going outside like how the game originally started. The pandemic has made going out really hard for everyone as the public is advised to stay inside. Luckily, Pokemon Go is still playable despite the gamers only option of playing indoors.

Pokemon Go is another powerful game from the popular Pokemon franchise. The game franchise has been around ever since the early video game days. Back in the day, the game dominated the GameBoy and has continued to dominate other consoles as well. Pokemon Emerald and Ruby were two classics of the franchise that have shot the game even more into mainstream popularity.

Nowadays, the game franchise is so popular that you can see cosplayers and fan artwork of the game almost everywhere.

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Pokemon Go Tips: Throwing the perfect Pokéball

The way you throw the ball apparently has a significant effect to your success in capturing a Pokémon and throwing a curveball gains you more XP. To do this, you must first tap and hold the ball, and spin it clockwise or counterclockwise until you see it shining then immediately throw it towards the Pokémon.  If you successfully captured it, you would gain a bonus XP.

There are many types of Pokeballs in the game and picking the right one could really make a difference. For example, there are certain Pokeballs for certain Pokemon types which make them easier to capture and much more effective at the same time. Don't waste your good Pokeballs on simple Pokemon as well, you never know when you might just meet a legendary or rare Pokemon. Have some good balls in reserve just incase you get lucky along the way. You'd be surprised, it's not as uncommon as you think.

Pokemon Go Tips: Turn Off Your AR

Contrary to it being an AR game, turning the AR off makes it easier to capture nearby Pokémon. The most awkward obstacle you must overcome while playing is having to point your smart phones on strangers sometimes. So, to avoid angering the people around, you might want to turn your AR off and quietly wait for a wild Pokémon to show up.

This simple tip could actually make a huge difference later on when playing the game. Of course, don't forget that in the end, it's really your skill as a trainer that makes a difference. The whole Pokemon Go platform is very simple, and now with the stay-at-home gaming, Niantic has simplified the game even more.

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